Brent Woodall & Natchez Trace

Brent Woodall & Natchez Trace


Formed in 2001 to support Brent’s solo release “Out With The Old.” (which contained two #1 hits on the indie charts) As one promoter recently claimed, “They are the real thing. You won’t be disappointed! If it’s Americana, if it’s Roots, if it’s Country, it’s Brent Woodall and Natchez Trace.


Brent Woodall has a long history in the music industry dating back to 1970 when he was produced by Charlie Daniels at RCA studios In Nashville, Tennessee. In that session Brent also cut one of Charlie’s songs, “Great Big Bunches of Love” where Charlie not only produced but was gracious enough to sit in on guitar.

During the 70’s and 80’s when Brent wasn’t touring the country he made his home base Washington D.C. where he performed at the legendary “Bayou” nightclub in Georgetown.
When he wasn’t the headliner he had the privilege of opening for such groups as Hall and Oates, Aerosmith, Talking Heads, Dire Straits and The Beach Boys. It was a great spot for a young artist to hone his craft.

In the mid 1990’s Brent was a co-founder of Rivers Edge, an acoustic alternative country band out of Winchester, Virginia - heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Their first self-produced CD “Cabin Fever” featured eleven original songs and caught the ear of two-time Grammy Award- winning producer Larry Butler. Larry produced their next project “On The Rivers Edge”. Original music combined with that of Dean Dillon and Larry Butler gave the CD a unique, compelling sound that would later become the hallmark of Brent’s singular style.

The air play from the project helped the group go from garage band to Farm Aid 2000, The Rocky Gap Festival, and The Belle Chere Festival in five short years! During this time Brent met Jackie Miller Combs, mother of Mark Miller lead singer from Sawyer Brown. Mrs. Combs took a liking to Brent’s vocals and gave a copy of his CD to her son. Brent and the rest of the band continued touring, working with the likes of Sawyer Brown, Phil Vassar, Jessica Andrews, Neal McCoy, and Joe Dee Messina.

Brent was now ready for a new project -- his first solo project. Thinking ahead and using his usual dogged determination he arranged for Nashville producer and publisher Joe Bob Barnhill to take the helm. Choosing material from varied sources and writers the sessions evolved into a rhythm and blues country CD called “Out With The Old”, the title cut courtesy of Mark Miller. (Thanks Mama) From the same CD, in May of 2002, the haunting ballad “Who Cares” was released to CDX his song “Cabin Fever” at “The Kennedy Center” in Washington D.C.
Number 292. Airplay on independent radio stations put the song into rotation and Brent was invited to perform at the IFCO Show at FANFAIR 2002 at the “Ryman”.

In November 2001 after six months on the charts, “Who Cares” hit Number 1 on Indieworld Country Radio Charts. The next release from the CD, an original cut “Louisiana Give Back My Heart” hit Number 1 in May 2003 on Inside and Burning Country Charts.

On May 1, 2006 Brent was awarded the prestigious ASCAP Writers Award and invited to showcase

Breaking News! Fall 2007: Brent Woodall’s new hit song “Bright Side Of The Road” released to CDX Volume 422 in May has had over 6000 spins and is still on the Charts.


Over Houston

Written By: Brent Woodall

Over Houston
Brent Woodall / Rick Wilkens
Brent Woodall Music/ BMI
Ten thousand feet above the River Walk, the bistro where they laughed and talked
He wishes he could say the things in his heart and mind today
If he could call her, it might be alright, She’d understand if he could hold her hand
Get lost in her sweet eyes but for now he only flies..
Twenty thousand feet above the Astrodome, his mind drifts and his thoughts are home
Why’d she say goodbye and let him leave that way?
From Galveston to San Antone, Austin to El Paso, She’d understand if he could hold her hand, get lost in her sweet eyes, for now he only flies,
Over Houston, he whispers her name, Over Houston, he’ll never be the same, Over Houston,
His heart is on the fly, He’s bidding her goodbye, OVER HOUSTON
Thirty Thousand feet, night’s closing’ in
She sits in Houston and her mind’s on him
It always is it seems his memory holds the key
Unlocking secret places where only he should be,
He’d understand if she could hold his hand, get lost in his sweet eyes, but for now he only flies
Over Houston, he whispers her name, Over Houston, he’ll never be the same, Over Houston,
His heart is on the fly, He’s bidding her goodbye, OVER HOUSTON
Repeat chorus
Over Houston, he calls out her name, Over Houston, no one left to blame Over Houston,
His heart is on the fly, He’s bidding her goodbye, OVER HOUSTON


1996 “Cabin Fever” -- Rivers Edge – Self-Produced
1999 “On The Edge” -- Rivers Edge -- Larry Butler, Producer
2001 “Out With The Old” -- Brent Woodall & Natchez Trace -- Joe Bob Barnhill, Producer
2004 “True Vertigo” -- Brent Woodall & Natchez Trace -- Joe Bob Barnhill, Producer
2007 “On Top Of The Covers” – Brent Woodall – Joe Bob Barnhill, Producer
2007 "Bright Side Of The Road" – Brent Woodall - Joe Bob Barnhill, Producer

Set List

Brent Woodall & Natchez Trace Song List

Georgia On My Mind
Cabin Fever
I Don’t Love You Like I Used To
Pelican Bay
That’s Easy For Me To Say
Heart Of Gold
33 East Central Blvd
Overnight Male
The Weight
Wrong Man
If Love Can’t Do It
Who Cares
True Vertigo
I Know A Little
When Love At First Sight Goes Blind
Baby King
Stand By Your Man
My Memory Fails Me
At This Moment
On The River’s Edge
Bright Side Of The Road
It’s All In Your Hands
C’est La Vie
Am I Gone
Have You Seen This Girl
Fool Moon
Goodbye Heartache
Love Me
Teach Your Children
Over Houston
Dixie Chicken