Honest alternative rock-n-roll with its roots buried deep in the Florida soil, from toe-tappin' rockers to hip-swayin' ballads, with a passion for creating heartfelt music, Brer delivers something that everyone can enjoy.


From down on the beautiful gulf coast of the Sunshine State, Brer delivers honest rock-n-roll that's bound to get your toes tappin' or your head bobbin', your heart beatin' or your fist pumpin, your hips shakin', your body swayin' or your lips just singin' along. Equal parts blue skies, dark nights, shade trees, and city lights, their music tends to find its way into the hearts of all different kinds of folks traveling down life's long road… That road which, of course, should only be traveled with our stereos turned up and our windows rolled down.

Brer has been creating music together for over 3 years. Matt, Kyle and Scott have been friends since elementary school, and met Justin about 3 years ago through his cousin. The band has shared and grown from each other's influences. Each member brings an important and unique personality to the band with influences ranging from Whiskeytown and The Raconteurs to master lyricists like Bob Dylan and Bright Eyes to creative musicians like Wilco and Sufjan Stevens. Matt is an intimate and personal frontman. Justin and Scott provide great wit and humor and Kyle is just really bad at dancing.

The guys just released their new record, "Microwavable", last July and have received nothing but positive feedback thus far.

The band currently is looking for a NEW MANAGER, so please contact by e-mail if interested.


The Sun is Rising 2006
Microwavable 2007

Set List

An ideal set would be approximately
25 to 35 minutes, although they can
play much longer as needed. Typically
songs are all originals.

Current repertoire:

Honey Let Me Sing You A Song
Highway Ramblin'
What You Need
Open Up Your Window
Sunshine State Serenade
Behind Her Eyes
Turn The Page
Another Microwavable Song
Dead Or Alive
Alight On My Limb
Rearview Mirror
I Shall Be Released