Bret Hush

Bret Hush


Bret Hush is the ebb and flow of the creativity of five people who have come together in pursuit of what they love – the gift of music. It's rock, blues, jazz, and funk mixed together to make a soul soup that you're sure to love.



What type of music does Bret Hush play? This is one of the most commonly asked and most easily answered questions among many bands today. For Bret Hush, this seemingly simple question has been one of the hardest to answer so far. Perhaps their blend of diverse backgrounds combined with their intricate mix of sounds can explain the reasoning for that. Call it what you will as Bret Hush has creatively considered their music to be an alternative fusion of progressive, rock, blues and jazz. The greatest explanation to ease the mind and understanding of their music has been Rock & Soul. Undoubtedly, Bret Hush’s influences come from all of these genres of music that create their sound. Some of these influences include Dave Matthews Band, Jimi Hendrix, Tribe Called Quest, and Tracy Chapman.

Contrary to popular first impressions, Bret Hush is not just one person nor the name of a person. Bret Hush is the ebb and flow of creativity, music and soul of five people who have come together in pursuit of what they love – the gift of music.

Lucky for South Carolina and soon to be the rest of the world, the gift of music being given by Bret Hush is spreading like wildfire. Although certain members of the band have played together and/or known each other for many years, Bret Hush only started playing together as a full unit in March of 2005. They have since played at countless venues in South Carolina including but not limited to: Bodo’s German Restaurant and Pub, Shuckers Raw Bar, The Boathouse, Coastal Carolina University, Soho, Sugami, My Friend’s House, Pour House, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Johnsons Pub in Charleston and even at the House of Blues! They have also completed their debut album, Bret Hush—“Greatest Hits”, which was released on January 31, 2006. The album was recorded at Sea Note Recording Studio (Myrtle Beach) during 2005; engineered by Seth Funderburk and mastered by Jarrod Green.

Aside from their debut album, Khalil has a previous recording entitled “Living Room Sessions” which he completed as a solo project. Abasi and Abby performed together in an African drum and dance ensemble called Red Frog throughout Michigan. Abasi and Reggie worked together with the hip-hop ensemble: Golden Fleece in Michigan. As you can see, Bret Hush as a unit may be up and coming, but they’ve been musicians for most of their lives (well, Chico thinks it’s only been a fortnight).


Khalil Chapman "Living Room Sessions"
Bret Hush "Live at Bodos 05"
Bret Hush "Greatest Hits"
Bret Hush "Live at the Sea"

Set List

The Drugs Don't Work
All Along The Watchtower
Stop, Listen
Hey Joe

Midwestern Girl
Lin's Day
Surfer Girl
Raggae Song
Traveling Blues
Mumbles 3000
Skinny J
French Toast
Song 4 Niki
The Gift
The Story Of...

The sets are typically 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours 3 sets during a 4 hour show.