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Breton began life in a warehouse somewhere in South East London. Born from the creative force of musicians and filmmakers Roman Rappak and Adam Ainger and expanded recently into a multi-instrumental and visual collective with the inclusion of Ian Patterson and Daniel McIlvenny. This year, the very limited and quickly snapped-up EP Practical floated between “eerie and carnival-esque. Combining elements of math-rock, post-rock, straight-up Electro and even tropical” – The second E.P. in the trilogy, entitled Sharing Notes was released in July 2010. The physical copy was mounted on a hand-made circuit board with a list of components and directions which, when followed, creates a fully working synth.

Under the guise BretonLABS, Breton run a slick operation of audio/visual experimentation. Remixes have been created for the likes of Tricky, Local Natives, Temper Trap, Chapel Club, Is Tropical and Penguin Prison. Their short films have screened at both the London Short Film Festival and the East London Film Festival, with Breton performing a live soundtrack. Their celebrated music and viral videos - Penguin Prison, 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster among others – adorn all in-the-know blogs. Breton has also been involved with creating the sound design for artist such as Tricky and brands including Nike, Victoria's Secrets and Barney's of New York.

Breton are the glaring beacons of the mp3 generation; the generation of immediate access to music and visuals, where careers and genres spanning decades, cultures and the globe are spread wide open for the taking, downloading and mixing into billions of individual, eclectic and genre-defying playlists. With such light speed assimilation of influences - spanning from The Beach Boys to Minimal House, Dub-Step to David Bowie, Bjork to East Coast Hip-Hop and a noticeable chunk of Post-Punk, Breton create wholly individual songs, with the end result being a blasting, constantly evolving sonic assault.

Absorbing all, yet mixing it up into wholly individual songs building imposing razor sharp electronics, Post-Punk and Art-Rock that sounds like nothing else.



Written By: Roman Rappak


It was December.
That formed a fraction of,
formed a fraction of.

Continuously scanned
For traces
And fine lines.

I lost the scent
I lost the scent
What's the first line of defence?
That dries in the sun

Stayed in two minds about it.
Draw maps incase we find it.
Chalk lines for you line it up...up.

Stayed in two minds about it.

This is December


Practical E.P - Jan 2010 - Self Released
Sharing Notes E.P - July 2010 youWILLBEfollowing Records
Counter Balance E.P - December 2010 Hemlock Recordings

The Well - XFM - John Kennedy - Xposure Playlist (UK), Radio 2 - Babylon (Italy)

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Hours Away