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The best kept secret in music


"Selling Something or Myself review"

This Lawrence, Kansas native doesn’t have time for the brooding and ridiculous argument of evolution vs. creationism that’s occurring in his state’s public education system. He’s simply too busy crafting clever indie pop songs to bother. As a one-man band, he finds a singular voice and manipulates it with terrific production and songwriting. Be sure to give this an immediate and lasting listen.-J-Sin

- Smother.Net

"Selling Something or Myself review" singer/songwriter rock that should find favor with fans of Pete Yorn, Jesse Malin and/or Howie Day. It may be well-worn territory, but Armstrong's morning-after croon comfortably fits the bill.-R-Gintowt


"My Shameless Space"

...For self-promoting musicians like Lawrence singer/songwriter Brett Armstrong, the key to longevity on MySpace is to market tactfully and not invoke the ire of the community.

"I try to use it not so shamelessly, because I know there are a lot of bad bands that have used it as their only outlet for stuff," Armstrong says. "When you ask strangers to go watch you play the guitar for an hour it's inherently egotistical and weird and slimy anyways."

Armstrong, who recently released a debut EP titled "Selling Something or Myself," says he probably looked a little too desperate when he first put up a band page.

"It was like middle school all over again - I had zero friends and I was doing everything I could to get some," he recalls. "After I had my clique of 50 friends I was like, 'OK, now I don't feel obligated just to get anyone; I'll start asking people who really might like this.'"

Though the site has only helped him sell a handful of CDs, Armstrong says it has been a great way to get people to come to shows.

"In a short amount of time it's already become a standard," he says. "Shameless or not, if a few more people come out to the show ... that's a few more people in the door, which helps out at this point."...

- Magazine

"Selling Something or Myself Review"

...Brett Armstrong has talent no doubt about it...In fact, it would be shocking if this six song EP didn't warrant Armstrong a record deal. - T McMartin - Mote Magazine


"Smooth Sales Pitch"

This piece of music came out last year?

Like early October … A buddy of mine recorded it back in Oklahoma. I’m from Tulsa, so we just went to his place for a couple weeks and that’s what we came out with.

As of today, you’re a solo performer?

Yeah, still. It’s supposed to be a full band … I did (Wednesday) open mic nights at the Jazzhaus for a long time … It can get huge, actually. It’s surprising how many people will come.

Tell me about the process of recording this CD. You played drums, bass?

I didn’t play bass and I didn’t do about half the keyboard stuff. Tony Romanello, my good friend back in Tulsa, did that stuff. I’m originally a drummer from about age 10.

I wasn’t good at sports. I think I had seven points my whole fifth grade season of basketball.

What else do you do around Lawrence?

I work at the juvenile detention center up in North Lawrence … They’re good kids, actually, just in bad situations … I have lots of funny stories. I can’t tell too many, but we’ll just say, ‘Don’t eat batteries.’ Because if you do, you’ll go to the hospital.

What happens if you do eat batteries?

I think you go to the hospital and they say, ‘Wait a week, and if it doesn’t pass, then come back and we’ll deal with it.’ I think we waited a week and we were good. I just hope they didn’t come out sideways.

So tell me a little bit about what you’re up to these days.

Still trying to get that full band thing together, actually … It’s hard just to get rehearsal space … I live in a pretty small house. My roommate’s not a musician, so I don’t know how much he’d be up for making toast behind the drum kit.

Can you tell me a little bit about why the “Devil Loves Rock and Roll”?

That song is kind of about hooking up with ladies. There’s only one song about that so it’s happened to me at least maybe once. Sometimes it’s really great. Sometimes you’re like, ‘What did I just do?’

So how often do you hook up with ladies?

Not enough. A couple days ago I was promoting the show for Thursday and this girl was like … ‘I couldn’t date you — you’re in a band.’ She’s assuming that I’m this big player and I’m like, ‘If girls don’t date me because I’m in a band or I sing, then how do I date girls?’ You could tell she got this face like, ‘Oh shit – how does this guy meet girls?’

- Magazine


Selling Something or Myself [EP], 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


With a clear emphasis on songwriting and a unique and distinctive voice, Brett Armstrong's well-crafted, straightforward songs somehow fit comfortably between the realms of indie pop and mainstream rock.

Inspired equally by Lawrence’s unique indie-rock scene, Nick Drake, Ben folds, and Tom Petty, Brett creates a sound unlike that of a typical singer-songwriter, while maintaining a poignant sense of songwriting.

On his first official release, SELLING SOMETHING OR MYSELF, Brett showcases his talent beyond being just another singer/songwriter by arranging and playing most all the instruments on the EP. The "one-man-band" approach provides SELLING SOMETHING OR MYSELF with a singular and cohesive vision, full of bright electric guitar, subtle distorted keyboard, and smart, quirky lyrics.

Brett manages to present a polished backdrop to his insightful songs, seemingly single-handedly. However, he credits much of the success of the sound to friend and Oklahoma producer Tony Romanello.

Beyond engineering and producing credit, Romanello also contributed bass and some keyboard parts throughout SELLING SOMETHING OR MYSELF. "In a way, the EP is a 'one-man-band' with four arms and legs," Brett admits. "Tony really understood my vision and helped me put that in the songs."

With the release of Selling Something of Myself, Brett plans to hit the road throughout the Midwest and South with the same energy and passion he’s brought to his one-man solo acoustic shows in Lawrence for the last couple of years. Keep your eyes peeled. Brett Armstrong will surely be in your area sometime in the very near future.