Brett Batey

Brett Batey


Country with a zing and a little folk flavoring. I'd like to describe my music as not being soley one type of country, but rather music that conveys the feelings I or the writer felt when the song was written.


You are what you eat, or I guess to some extent a mixture!
I was raised in a rural farm setting around my parents records which included the music of: George Jones, Roger Miller, Hank Sr., Elvis Presely, and of course, Bluegrass and Gospel.
A little old and a little new and somewhere in between as far as country music goes.


You're A Player, Heart Breaker

Written By: Brett Batey

You’re A Player, Heart Breaker
© 2008 Brett Batey

Verse 1:

How long will you keep me

Hangin’ on?

I need an answer from you baby,

Can’t wait that long.

But you batt your eyes and smile at me.

My heart goes weak

Cause that’s all I can see.


You’re a player, heart breaker.

One hot woman, I’ve gotta do without.

Oh, I think you like to see me

Down on my knees

Beggin’ baby please.

You’re a player

Verse 2:

Do you think it’s cool

Makin’ me a fool.

The curse of a beautiful woman

Can make a man loose his soul.

Oh what you do to me.

Your spell, I’ve gotta break free,

And start livin’ on my own.

Repeat Chorus:


Yeah, you're a player.

Set List

15 - 20 minutes of original material
1 hour of other
45 minute sets