Brett Boivin

Brett Boivin


Not really sure yet, but.. some acoustic, neo-soul, alternative, blend of alot of things, dont know to much, it changes from time to time.


I dont really have a story,
im 15 years old,
and ive written quite a few,
my influences are Justin Nozuka, John Mayer, James Morrison.
Im giving music everything i have..


Like Rain - Streaming.
Get Outa This - Streaming.

Set List

Face Of Shy - around 4:20
Like Rain - 5:10
Get Outa This - 4:50
I Will Come To You - 6:30
Rewrite - 4:14
Differently - 3:50
I do quite a few covers, by Justin Nozuka,
basically all of his songs. ( about 10 songs by him)