Brett Boyett

Brett Boyett


Very groove oriented pop rock. Very reminisent of John Mayer, Rob Thomas, Dave Mathews. But...with an edge.


We are a live band. We are very good at it. We've always had a large and crazy crowd. This is one of the top bands in LA. The band is comprised of session players. Everyone in this band has worked with, or done something notable in the industry. When I was playing in NYC we were one of the few bands that was constantly asked to headline Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights at the Bitter End, Mercury Lounge, the Elbow Room, Arlene's Grocery etc. I have recently recorded my new CD with the help of legendary Grammy award winning producer Keith Olsen. I am currently working in film and television as a composer.


"Time," has been release to radio through Keith Olsen. I have recently written the national Make A Wish Foundation song. I have had selections in "Everybody Loves Raymond," "Yes Dear," "Center Of The Universe," "Moola," "The Great New Wonderful," "New York Dolls (The Movie)," "The Guerrero," and "Mail Order Bride."

Set List

Color Me Wrong
Fall Out Of Love
Sometimes It's Over
Run For Your Life
Easy Does It
LA Sun
That Kind Of Girl
Sets are usually 45 - 60 minutes
Depends on the venue. No covers.