Brett Clarke

Brett Clarke


very very country, born in the country raised on country music and love to sing my own songs


Brett Clarke, 21 year old Australian country singer/songwriter and Former Line Dancing champion from Tamworth.

Brett found out he could sing when he was nine years old, not ever knowing he would ever end up as a rising country music celebrity.

Brett started singing to crowds two years ago at Kim's Karaoke in Tamworth, being recognized to many country music artists helping Brett do what he was born to do.
"It's a dream to have come this far from taking the first step on stage at Kim's Karaoke

and then singing with a band, to touring Australia, doing what I love to do, and be for the rest of my life, a country music celebrity".

Brett entered Australian Idol in 2004, the judges saying that Brett was not good enough, Brett is to prove to the Australian idol production that he made it and that he didn't need their help.

Brett was born in armidale NSW, and moved to the outback of Lightning Ridge,

The Home of the Black Opal was what his father was chasing for.

Growing up on the opal fields of Lightning Ridge and the outback country, Brett had a natural flair for country music at a very young age, hiding a natural singing and instrumental talent for many years.

Brett boosted his career while touring Australia with the Brian young show in early 2005 being the last tour for the Brian young show due to Brians health. Brett gained allot experience from the tour giving Brett the ability to write his own songs.

While in Katherine N.T Brett wrote his first song "Moving On" with the help from the tours bass player Micah Reimers, the song filled with emotion from his last relationship.

the tour was and will always be apart of Brett's life and what he learned from the great experience, touring with Australia's Toyota starmaker winner 2006 Cat Southern, Nashville song search winner 2005 Shandell tosoni, tour manager/lead guitar Darren Howard, amazing songwriter Wayne Law, bass player Micah reimers, drums Dave Thompson.

"I would like to say thank you to my sponsors Jim & Kerry Rummery at Taminda Timbers, for helping me with my career i don''t know where i'll be with out you both!"


Recording Debut Album in june 2007