Brett Estep

Brett Estep


The Vocal-centric Ramblings Of An Opera School Drop-out


Brett Estep is an Oregon singer/songwriter, who combines elements of rock, folk, blues, punk, jazz, Celtic, country, opera, and experimental music. He is a singer by nature, multi-instrumentalist, and has been playing guitar since age 7. A 3 year study of opera was laid to rest in order to pursue a growing interest in his solo performances.

Brett had already developed a loyal fan base at The Campus Glenwood in Eugene, and began branching out to other Northwest venues. In 1998 he formed the band Aether Bunnies featuring stand up bass, Turkish hand percussion, and effected acoustic guitar.

He was a member of the goth-folk duo Brett & Rick, the Celtic project Fnords, a Capella group The Y-Knotz, and has done studio work as a vocalist, bass player, guitarist, and contributed to several experimental/noise projects under various guises.

He is a revolving door member of the electric-violin-glam-punk band Mad Orange Fools with Zy O Lyn (formerly of Middlemarch, and Brian Jonestown Massacre).

He is a regular performer at festivals such as Oregon Country Fair, Old Peak Jam, Nerd Ball (annual benefit for Geeks Without Borders), and plays at numerous venues throughout the Northwest.

He has opened for acts as varied as Curtis Salgado, Fran Gray, Lost At Last, John Garcia, The Divided, Empty Room, and has collaborated on stage with experimental guitarist Scott Huckabay.

The music ranges from rock, folk, country, a Capella, traditionals, and the occasional random cover tune. He performs using acoustic, and baritone guitar, e-bow, cello bow and effects.

He is currently working on a full-length studio album.


Tropical Disease (1993 ): Cassette Self-Release

Hope, Love, Fortune, Seal To You : The Songs of Al Frisco (1997) - Guest Vocalist

The Fnords - Bard's Hollow (2002): A Celtic collaboration with Jon Kern. Guitars, back-up and lead vocals.

Sunspots (2003): CD Self-Release

Nerd Ball II Compilation - Various Artists (2004) : 2 songs featured.

Set List

Includes, but not limited to:

All original material, with the occasional Irish song, Appalachian Ballad, and/or Aria thrown in for good measure.