Brett Harris

Brett Harris

 Durham, North Carolina, USA

Brett Harris is a singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist from Durham, NC


Brett Harris is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Durham, NC. His first full length album, Man of Few Words, was featured by Paste magazine's "Best of What's Next", NPR's "All Songs Considered:  Second Stage" and made several "Best of 2010" lists, drawing comparisons to the music of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Harry Nilsson, and Emitt Rhodes.
Additionally, Brett has participated as a core band member in live performances of Big Star's Third, playing in the US, UK, Spain, and Australia.  He has also served as a touring member of jangle pop progenitors The dB's.

Brett has recently released a new EP entitled "Mr. Sunshine" and has completed work on a new LP due out in 2015.


Yesterday's News

Written By: Brett Harris

How does it feel to be yesterday's news,
To be kicked to the curb like an old pair of shoes,
when before you were top of the heap you were A number one?

How does it feel to be outside of in,
to be lost in a crowd taking punches on the chin, while you stand there just scratching your head wondering what have you done?

How does it feel when they turn out the lights and your warm sunny days turn to cold lonely nights?
Did you think you'd ever come back down the ladder?

'Cause it's so hard to see
it's so hard to see
When you come this far don't you know it's a long way down
So just hold onto me
Darlin' hold on to me
I'll be standing beside you when nobody else is around

Do you remember the view from the top, when you felt like your winning streak never could stop?
Did you think that there would come a time when your luck would run out?

Do you remember the rush of the fame, how they laughed at your jokes and they knew you by name?
But their saccharin smiles have grown thin and they leave you no doubt

Now you're alone and the one thing you've got are the people you used and the friends your forgot
In the end they were the only ones who mattered


Not Coming Back

Written By: Brett Harris

I took a walk under oceans of sky
And the weight of it caused me to cry
'Cause I remembered
The night that you broke my heart

I stood alone as it started to rain
Thinking maybe it might ease the pain
But now I'm soaked to the bone
Wishing for a brand new start

I guess I should have seen it coming
Like a freight train on the track
But now I'm all alone and it's clear baby

You're not coming back, not coming back

You, well you had me the moment we met
It's a moment I'll never forget
We locked eyes and the skies
Burst into colorful light

We, well we swore that together we'd stay
Through the rain and the storm come what may
But now the rain has come
And Darlin' you're nowhere in sight

I guess I should have seen it coming
When the sky turned blue to black
But now I'm all alone and it's clear baby

You're not coming back, not coming back


Yesterday's News EP - Release Date 2.29.08
-Songs that have received radio airplay:
-Yesterday's News
-Dew Drops
-Grey Skies Blue
- Tennessee Line (XMU Radar Report XM radio)

Side Two EP (release date: October 7th, 2008)

Set List

Typical set varies from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending upon venue and bill. A 45-minute set consists of generally 12 to 15 songs and may include one cover song. A 3 hour set is usually around 45 - 50 songs and will include some cover songs ranging from Motown to Lou Reed (30-40 original songs/ 5-10 covers).