Brett Kingswell

Brett Kingswell

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

"High flying grace and power; that soul stirring. Southern rock sound, swirling around Brett's raspy drawl. Driving; strutting; with that vintage storytelling spirit. A true posse of rock & roll desperados in the Torontopian heartland." - The Lonely Vagabond, Indie Music Critic


With the grit of a 90's grunge front man and the charm of a southern gentleman, Brett Kingswell's unique brand of northern roots country rock is turning heads, perking ears and stomping feet in its wake.
The life of this razor sharp rock and roll vagabond began in small town Port Elgin, Ontario. After picking up a guitar for the first time at the age of 23, the path of music became natural for this unsuspecting artist, prolific singer/songwriter, and magnetic performer.
A firefighter, actor and artist, this Canadian super talent has rocked stages across the continent, having shared the spotlight with such revered acts as Everclear, I Mother Earth, and David Wilcox. In addition to his powerful stage presence and in-person vigor, Brett has written and recorded with Grammy winning engineers, and has worked closely with members of Alice Cooper, Megadeath, Fuel and Kings X, to name a few.
Brett has also had major licensing success, with original works featured on Canadian and U.S. national television and film, including ABC’s hit daytime soap opera, “One Life to Live”.
Presently trucking down a path of country rock, Brett has teamed up with of Toronto's hottest producers, Ron Allen of The Hive Studios and 360 Artist Management. Together the dynamic duo are formulating Brett's latest solo project; a hook heavy, groove laden collection of swampy country hits, headed by Brett's raspy drawl and infectious lyrics.
Playing with some of Canada’s top musician’s, Brett has a posse of dedicated and devoted fans, and is currently hitting stages across the country, and is quickly gaining momentum in becoming an All-Canadian, country music star.


Came to Fight

Written By: Brett Kingswell


Stroll the depths of death to steal your breath, for this I’ll die,
Travel straight through hell, full mast I’ll sail on waters high,
Pirates lead the way, the bodies lay above the ground,
Tyrants and martyrs play, the carnage spreading all around,

Cause I came to fight,
Well I came to fight,
My mind is drive, you’re unforgiven,
It’s time to make it right,
Cause I came to fight…

Scower the earth, from death to birth, hide in the darkest parts,
A call to arms, to harm, won’t finish till the finish starts,
Dark empty hoods to hide our eyes, our guns disguised as scythes,
Compiling fines and bribes, no use for laws or alibis,

Cause I came to fight,
Well I came to fight,
I’m on a mission, it’s my decision,
It’s time to make it right,
Cause I came to fight…

Let’s fight…

Singing songs of long dead choirs softly through the night,
Ships are rowin’, waters flowin’, vessel fuelled by spite,
Pearl or wrought iron, I will blast right through your fucking gates,
Horns a blowin’, never knowin’, growin’ love for hate,

Cause I came to fight,
Well I came to fight,
Completely sickened, the plot has thickened,
I’m cuttin’ teeth to bite,
Cause I came to fight

From The Country

Written By: Brett Kingswell

By Brett Kingswell

Grew up on the wrong side of the tracks,
Tough and dusty, no one to watch your back,
I ride alone, a real outsider,
Trusty steed, a black soft tail low rider,

I like sippin' brews down at the quarry,
But the town was dry, ya, no inventory,
What happened next, no guts, no glory,
I’m a grab us both a drink and I’m a finish my story,

Picture this, tumbleweeds all around me,
Got my Winchester strapped to my back like a mountie,
Trespassin' on another's man's county,
Like my 10 gallon hat, on my head there’s a bounty,

With my snake skin boots, kick in the door,
Tradin' bottles and the waitress for some bodies on the floor,
Down the highway, leave a dust cloud,
This shit would have even made Jesse James proud, cause,

I’m from the country, born and raised,
If you don't like my kind, don't come our way, we like,
Lighten’ up the starlit sky,
Stayin’ up all night, singin’ songs and getting’ high, we drink,
Kentucky moonshine, lots of ice in it,
We like cigars, dark bars and loose women,
(guitars, fast cars and hard livin')
Try but you’re never gonna take me alive,
Cause I'm a be a cowboy till the day I die,

Back on the road, one man gang,
Cruisin’ down I 20 in my 62 Stang,
Favorite truck stop gettin' nearer,
But I’m seein' aviators in my rear view mirror,

Well I’m in cop, fine day for a race,
Seein' coffee and donuts all over the place,
When they finally pulled me over, police choppers help,
Sheriff said "Boy, what you gotta say for yourself"? I said,


No retreat, never surrender, go toe to toe with any 3 bartenders,
A southern style, A crooked smile, when I’m pushing down the pedal of a country mile,
Kickin’ back, makin’ noise, findin’ some trouble with the good old boys,
That’s who I am and I ain’t gonna change



Carnival Divine - ep, 2003
Jackfish River - ep, 2006
Currently working on full length country album, with Toronto producer Ron Allen and 360 Management

Lots of college Radio and streaming airplay