Brett Lee

Brett Lee


My music is from the heart, its melodical and meaningfull , every song has a heart felt story behind it, Strong Vocals and simple guitar/paino riffs so the listener can connect to the lyrics.. and feel the power of the vocals.. the music relates to moods and relates to the listeners inner feelings.


I'm Brett Lee... i have bin singing most of my life,, but only started to perform last year.. as i wanted to build a career as a chef before being able to free time up to concentrate of music which is what i have always wanted to do, i have bin writting lyrics since and early age but tend to just hit the record button and see what happens... most my songs are from situations and experiences i have had in my life.. there fore the listeners can relate to the lyrics due to there own experiences.. i find it easy to write songs more improvied as its the true feelings when i'm singing the lyrics from my hear and not trying to script them.. its easy to get accross the meaning as the lyrics are exactly what i am feeling at the time i hit record on the song... most of my music is easy listening and slow.. but there's a few up beat ones aswell.. my biggest high is playing in manchester at the LIVE AND UNSIGNED Area Final.. where i made it from 10.000 down to the last 200 hundred acts... also i have done various little competitions and gigs round leeds where i love playing to the little crowds as they really understand the emotion in my music. i hoepfully will get the chance to play to the big crowds in the future.


Brett Lee - Forget These days album demo

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Huddersfield pennine fm

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Set List

set list can be any thing from 7 orginal songs to 10 - 12 including covers
orginal songs
Forget These Days
hold on tight
broken bones
Not Alone
Never Ment To Hurt you
Tale Of Tragedy

Covers - (depends where i am playing )
Eagle Eye'd Cherry - Save Tonight
3 doors Down - Be Like That
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
Westlife - All or Nothing
Josh Grogan - Raise Me up
Taylor Swift - White horse
Beatles - Hey Jude