Brett Staggs

Brett Staggs

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Hard-hitting rock and roll from Pittsburgh, Pa. Big choruses, bigger hooks. Intense live, intense on the radio. Real, honest rock and roll. Tom Petty-meets-Zeppelin.


Brett Staggs is a songwriter based in Pittsburgh, PA. His music is a mix between Tom Petty and Paul Westerberg with poetic lyrics and melodic hooks of the americana genre. He has had many songs placed in films and is currently working on releasing his first album.


The music of Brett Staggs has been featured on such radio websites as Last.FM, The Acoustic Hour, Soundclick, and Kinky Origami.

Set List

My set can stretch from 20 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the time slot. My set list looks like this:
1. Wake Me Up
2. I Am Here For You
3. The Puzzle
4. Hangover Blues
5. Electric Heart
6. A Picture To Remind Me
7. The Highway
8. Arms of Love
9. Let's Go Out Tonight
10. Kentucky Tap Water

I currently am not performing any covers.