Bret Vidrine

Bret Vidrine

 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

A 5 piece, Louisiana born & bred band that plays a combination of original music, written by lead singer Bret Vidrine, as well as cover songs of crowd favorite artists ranging from Fogerty to Petty. The energetic live show is one that will keep the audience on their feet till the very last song!


Born and raised in Louisiana, Bret Vidrine spent his years prior to attending college learning to play various instruments, as well as developing his own unique finger picking method on guitar. During his years at Northwestern State University, Bret would begin to focus not only on his songwriting, but also on forming and playing with Drunk By Noon- a staple band of the local college bar scene.

In 2004, Bret moved to Lafayette, where he would become well-known to the patrons of local songwriter nights. At age 24, Bret would become the first artist signed to the Right Note Records label and subsequently released his first album, “Lonely For Love”. Following the release and promotion of the album, Bret took time off to reflect and get back to basics while focusing on his songwriting once more. The storylines that take place in Bret’s songs are based on real life experiences; friends made, memories created, lessons learned all play important roles.

Now, at 28, Bret is returning to center stage under a brand new label, Comeaux Productions, with his sophomore effort- “Again”. Working with Grammy Winning Producer and Engineer, Tony Daigle, and Grammy Winning Songwriter, David Egan, his second release will showcase what has taken place in Bret’s life over the last four years.

Bret counts among his influences the likes of Ryan Adams, Amos Lee, Bob Dylan, Damien Rice, M. Ward, Tom Petty, Ray LaMontagne, and My Morning Jacket, just to name a few.


"Again" (2010)
1. Trainwreck
2. Shoulda Known Better
3. Again
4. Slow Your Motor Down
5. Wasted Time
6. Stand
7. Second Time Around
8. Right Here Next To My Beer
9. Tell Me Now (The Feet Wet Song)
10. The Hammer Song
11. She's More
12. Where I Belong
13. Propain

"Lonely For Love" (2004)
1. One More Today
2. Peaceful Ground
3. No Direction
4. Lonely For Love
5. Just Another Night
6. Allison
7. Stay
8. Sam I Am
9. More Than You
10. Waiting On The Rain
11. On My Own
12. Mandy Lynn
13. Running Out Of Things To Believe In
14. Two Steps Forward
15. Memory
16. Halleluiah

Set List

Shoulda Known Better
Slow Your Motor Down
Wasted Time
Second Time Around
Right Here Next To My Beer
Tell Me Now (The Feet Wet Song)
The Hammer Song
She's More
Where I Belong

Last Dance with Mary Jane
Second Line
Wagon Wheel
Down In A Hole