BandHip Hop

Music is constantly changing and adapting to new styles and inspirations.

For every generation, there are iconic individuals who define each new era of music.

In this current age, we look towards Brey as one of these iconic individuals who will set the stage for an entire generation.


Brey is an 18 year old recording artist straight out of Frederick Maryland.

Over the past three years of working hard and perfecting his craft, he has developed his skills in both recording and production to a point that vastly defeats those who have been in the game for much longer.

Pulling inspirations from both music icons of the past 20 years and innovative thinkers in business that have changed society (i.e Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg) Brey has refined his talents in both the worlds of music and business. He has a clear goal of how he wants to impact each platform and has the strategies to achieve it.

Known associates of Brey include: Joe Logic, OCD: Moosh & Twist, Millennial Music, etc.