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BREYZ " The Famous Stranger " is a true MC and the essence of HIP-HOP Music. BREYZ has awed all true fans of HIP-HOP Music with his music, lyrics, his poise and the ability to freestyle "OFF THE TOP" at any given moment about anything. The reason they call him BREYZ is that EVERYBODY FEELS HIM!


Breyz (pronounced Breeze) grew up in Macon, GA as a big fan of Hip Hop music. Practicing his skills since the tender age of 7, he has mastered the fine art of lyricism in its pursuit. He engaged in neighborhood freestyle battles, which ultimately prepared him to be crowned as a freestyle champion. He has entered many talent showcases, which he either won or was ranked high, at various clubs in Atlanta, GA such as Club Flava (now Aquarium), Studio Central, Club 112, The Red Train, and Club VIP ( R. Kelly's After Party). BREYZ was also a participant in the 2003 MTV Battle Sponsored by Def Jam Recordings in New York City.

Though very talented, his dedication towards music did not come until he began receiving compliments on his art from spectators. Through word of mouth, he caught the attention of 3rd World Ent. ( producers David "Spill" Jones and Jesse "Aktual" Blake. Impressed by one another's talents, BREYZ & 3rdWorld began to collaborate in January of 2002 and have remained partners since.

Fans have described BREYZ as a true MC for his ability to freestyle "off the top" at any moment. His versatility has enabled him to collaborate on various projects. Because of his professional attitude towards music, the drive to succeed and make good music has made BREYZ no stranger to hard work. The decision to make his own music was in hopes of regaining the true meaning of Hip Hop.

BREYZ is currently working on his independent debut album titled " The Famous Stranger" which adds a different flavour to the pot of southern music. He expresses his thoughts about life, people, and being "The Famous Stranger" through clever metaphors and quick punch lines. " The Famous Stranger" is going to portray what he calls " The Real Me".

"Hip Hop is like a religion to me. I eat, sleep, and die for this music like all the other hungry artists out there! I feel like it's time to expose my talent and creativity in an industry in need of more artists like myself. People are slapping their poor renditions of music together and calling it Hip Hop. That's something I definately don't want to do. Plus, what I rhyme about is real! The events I talk about in my songs have happened to me or those like me in case scenarios. I want the world to know what it's like to be in my shoes and live a day in the life of BREYZ!" -- Breyz "The Famous Stranger"



GOT TO BE ME- available in the audio area
WAKE UP CALL- available in the audio area
I NEED YOU- available in the audio area

Set List

BREYZ performances

MTV Freestyle battle
R.Kelly's Concert after party
Roc-a-Fella’s RELL Labor Day SundayParty
Hard Rock Cafe
Studio Central
Café Red Train
Apache Café
DBS Sounds
Tower Records
Club VIP
Club Flava
Club 112
Velvet Underground
EarthLink Live -Opening Act for the Dungeon Family
Sprite Liquid Mix Tour
Dejavu Nigerian Weekend at the Fox Theatre
Stevenson High School
Clash of the Elites at Endenu
Georgia State University

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