Bria Feist

Bria Feist

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Bria Feist is only not an average femcee, but not an average emcee. Collabing her soul with influences from all genres of music, she brings you hip hop in not just a modern flavor, but in a very unique and creative way! So keep your eye out! The Feisty way is the new way!


Chicago native now Las Vegas local, Bria Feist’s music is a reflection of her personal journey. She has been performing since the age of 8 years old through dance and developed into a poet during her teenage years as a new outlet. After moving to Las Vegas in 2007 and engaging in the local music scene Bria Feist’s calling turned into sharing her story through song. Bria Feist’s voice is soft yet p...owerful this represents her personality, sweet and feisty. After networking with local artists in Las Vegas she met Kellie Byers of The Hustlaz Committee Records and THC Records has been home ever since.

Her intention is to promote positive energy and unity with good music. Bria Feist’s unique journey includes being a strong woman and raising her beautiful daughter from a young age. Other influences on her music include her study of meditation, astronomy, new age and self-awareness. Her music evolves organically with the growth of her consciousness. Keep your eyes and heart open for the debut mix tape, Fall 2011!


Get Used To It- Bria Feist
Choices- Bria Feist
Fantasy- Bria Feist
Hit the Floor- Bria Feist
In My Way- Bria Feist FT Factor 702

Set List

Mayan Club
Hennesy Tavern
Bunkhouse Saloon