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New London, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017

New London, Connecticut, United States
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo R&B Pop





To those in the know, Brian Jai is what R&B is supposed to be in 2021. Despite being viable in a contemporary sense, he still describes himself as having “nostalgic, R&B roots.” The Montville, Connecticut bred singer & songwriter is a studio rat who oozes talent, vision, and charisma onstage. I still return regularly to what feels like a debut classic in “You Deserve It” and am legitimately hype about what’s to come.

Jai has performed with the cast of “Love & Hip Hop”, PnB Rock, Gucci Mane, and many others. He seems more than comfortable onstage which stands out to me in an era where a lot of people hide behind production value and turn their stage show into a glorified karaoke session. I plan on attending a show (or several) now that we finally appear to be moving towards normalizing that sort of thing again.

Brian Jai grew up around vocalists for parents and a constant presence of music at home. This sort of upbringing instills generational respect in terms of music which can help prevent young and up-and-coming artists from falling into the common pitfall of being narrowminded about those who paved the way.
He experimented with and honed in upon his voice, learning production and recording programs while also picking up instruments to further his rapidly developing skillset. Despite repping his native Connecticut, Jai doesn’t speak much of a regional influence in terms of what shaped his sound or path.
His taste in music (John Mayer, PartyNextDoor, Usher, Chris Brown) reflects the eclectic sensibility that permeates his (exceedingly dope) work. All of my personal favorite artists, are “I listen to anything that’s good” types and Jai seems to fit that mold like a glove.

When I asked Jai to elaborate upon his inspirations, he had a considerable amount to say: “I’ve known for a long time that music was my strong suit. As soon as I was able to create music and hear a final product, it was game over. Music wasn’t just something I would listen to anymore…It was something that I could sit down and create on my own. Song after song, try after try, I just got even more addicted to the fact that I could come up with an idea, hear a melody, write lyrics, record my voice, mix my vocals, and create an entire song.”

Note to artists: Put in the necessary time it takes to truly LEARN the process. It’s tough to articulate such a feeling, but I feel as if he did a strong job of doing so. Sometimes, it’s best stated in a “this is where I’m meant to be” type fashion.
Brian Jai elaborated further, recognizing the music as a part of his genetic makeup: “This is just who I am, and it’s who I want to be. I don’t see myself doing anything else other than creating music for the rest of my life, and I love that. No matter how I feel, I can go into the studio and freely express myself…It’s where I find my happiness. I’m just thankful that I am able to wake up every day and do what I love.”

The part that stands out the most to me from this response is his allusion to music being therapy and the fact that he expresses gratitude for having such an outlet. I think many take their given outlet for granted. Others, don’t have an outlet at all which can obviously lead to a laundry list of complications.

Born creators such as Jai are extra fortunate because they not only have an outlet, but they can turn it into something beautiful that lives forever. Furthermore, the ability to encapsulate empathy through our own pain is what further elevates music into a rarefied air in terms of outlets/forms of expression. Few things are so universally applicable and readily felt by people feeling a gamut of emotions.

Ultimately, Brian Jai more than “deserves it” in terms of his continued ascent. He is a consummate professional who consistently puts the work into his craft while studying the industry itself. He has some special music on the way that “differs from his previous style” and is truly one to watch; you can do so at the links below:


"Brian Jai Is Worth “Waiting” For"

New London, Connecticut crooner Brian Jai is poised to return with arguably his dopest record yet in “Waiting”. Dropping July 16th wherever you stream/download, “Waiting” was co-written by Jai and former Divine Mill Records hitmaker Erick “E.L.” Morton. The record was composed by super-producer Troy Oliver and also produced by Troy, alongside the aforementioned Morton and Brian Johnson.
Well-written and genuinely emotive, the “You Deserve It” singer sounds right back in his comfort zone, doing what he does best: crafting intimate R&B records with tinges of nostalgia that simultaneously hold a contemporary Pop appeal. It’s a tough line to tow, but Brian does so and sounds relatively effortless while doing it. The track sees Jai professing his willingness to be there for a love worth waiting for, and I’d have to say this record is well worth waiting for as well. Be sure to pre-save “Waiting” below and follow this young star on in the making on social media:
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"Brian Jai – When Things Feel Too Heavy I Go On A Run To Clear My Mind"

Brian Jai is an up-and-coming artist (having shared stages with Gucci Mane, “Love & Hip Hop”, PnB Rock, and more) who knows his way around the studio. Jai can lace a track from top to bottom, demonstrating his tireless dedication and the hours he put in to get where he is today. The Connecticut crooner is best known for his tremendous 2020 LP, entitled “You Deserve It”.

Brian is no stranger to the stressors that coincide with the independent artist lifestyle: “There are so many different things involved with being an independent artist. It’s a constant grind that involves consistency, drive, ambition, and lots of time… in and out of the studio. Most importantly, you have to keep your head in the game.” I’d have to cosign all of the above. For many people, they head home from work and can “leave the work” there. For independent musicians, there’s seldom daylight for that sort of thing. This often leads to artists being burnt out and forced into longer breaks than they would’ve liked.

When I asked Brian Jai how he coped during those sometimes overwhelming moments, Jai replied “When things feel too heavy I usually just take a moment, hit the gym or go on a run to clear my mind then go right back to work at what it was that didn’t come easy.” This is the sort of steadfast mindset required to break into arguably the most challenging industry in entertainment. Towards the end of our conversation, Jai doubled down on his ability to navigate the music business in a positive headspace: “I enjoy every moment of it especially when it comes down to a challenge. In life, you never know what’s going to come your way and you can never really be prepared but being able to figure things out no matter what is just a part of the game and life in general.”

If he can keep this up, then I fully expect Brian Jai to garner the type of success, equity, and lifestyle that he very much deserves at this point. He sounds like what R&B should be in 2021, and I am beyond hype for what’s to come. You should one thousand percent check out his stellar debut album “You Deserve It” as it really showcases the versatility of Jai’s influences and overall skillset. - Alexander Maxwell

"Brian Jai Deserves It"

Brian Jai is a pro’s pro and very much a jack of all trades within the hypercompetitive music industry. A native of Southeastern Connecticut’s Montville, some of Jai’s earliest memories coincide with a home immersed in music as both of his parents are vocalists, Aside from following in his parent’s footsteps and becoming a talented vocalist himself, Brian is also a top-tier engineer and producer, bringing the creations of himself and others to life with regularity. Running studio sessions alongside a production company and doing voiceover work in addition to creating dope musical projects of his own from top to bottom is the kind of “do it all” sensibility and work ethic that will land Brian Jai wherever he wants to go.
The Connecticut crooner describes his style as having “nostalgic, R&B roots” and therefore featuring “intimate, authentic lyrics” but paired with a “hip hop and pop appeal.” Having listened thoroughly to Brian’s stellar 2020 full-length release entitled “You Deserve It“, I can co-sign his sentiment. Jai describes the project as “a love letter to the listener”. Brian enlisted the help of writing and producing supergroup “The Formula” to breathe new life into the project, from uptempo dance numbers like “Gimme Dat” to sultry bedroom serenades like “Act It Out”, Brian’s debut opus is sure to become a fan favorite.

Jai isn’t a rookie in the performance department either, having shared stages with the likes of PnB Rock, Gucci Mane, the cast of “Love & Hip Hop” and many others. Brian brings the same level of professionalism and polish to his stage show that you’ve come to expect from his music. Honestly, I find a lot of artists today who are nowhere near what the studio makes them out to be; fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth with regards to Brian Jai.

Currently, Brian is working on a new project that he says “differs from his previous style” and delves into a new sound. Having spoken with him extensively and kept tabs on progress, I can say with certainty that he’s approaching it with the same level of patience, care, and meticulousness that he’s done with all of his other releases to date. In today’s oversaturated market, rife with half-baked, hastily mixed concepts and records, I am always refreshed when meeting an up-and-comer who treats music with the kind of respect and sincerity that it absolutely deserves. Now is the time to jump on board, and you can do so by giving Brian a like, follow, look, and listen below: - Maureen E



Brian Jai EP (7 Songs)
"Don't Make Me"
"In The First Place"
"Call Out"
"One in a Million"



Brian Jai, grew up in Montville, a small town in South Eastern Connecticut.It was almost obvious that music was in his future. His mother and father are both vocalists, and being surrounded by music, he was bound to catch on. Brian established himself as a top engineer, and producer in his area, and soon decided that it was time to let the world hear his very own musical creations. Brian Jai’s music can be described as new era soul that includes nostalgic R&B roots; featuring intimate, authentic lyrics, with a hip-hop / pop appeal. Brian Jai has performed in front of thousands, all over the USA including shows with PnB Rock, Gucci Mane, cast of Love & Hip Hop and more. Brian Jai teamed up with long time producer/songwriter E.L. of Eternal Life Music LLC to create and debut his self-titled EP, which was released in February of 2018. Brian Jai’s EP includes 7 original songs which is sure to appeal to any avid R&B fan. His feature length album “You Deserve It: released on February 1st, 2020. This album serves as an invitation and a love letter to the listener.  It touches the party goer and the lover in anyone willing to hear this project.  After careful development, and a professional approach to pleasing his fans, Brian Jai has enlisted Super Writer /Producer Group “The Formula” to help breathe life into this project; from uptempo dance tracks like "Gimme Dat" to sultry bedroom serenades like "Act It Out", Brian Jai’s debut Opus is sure to become a fan favorite.

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