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My Motto:
Shepherds we shall be, For thee my Lord, for thee/ Power hath desended fourth for my hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy Command/ So we shall flow a river fourth to thee, and teaming with souls it shall ever be in Nomine Patris ET Filii



Brian Blessed Must B-Rhyte, Has been long wondering the streets of Toronto, Halton, & Hamilton, in the cut just listening, watching, writing and laying low. Until he felt it was time to break through into the industry himself, since his group the Boondock Saints split. However their success was short lived, and left Brian wondering if he should go after a solo career. Well Brian Blessed Must B-Rhyte had no problems making the transition. He has been guided by some of Canada's best, past and present including links to Crooks of the Round Table, Lakeshore Stranglaz, Frankie Payne, KreepShow, Glossmore, TBT Films & His own Boondock Saints, With his street life stories of real life happenings, and witty lyrical attitude he has broken down the generic image of a Canadian Hip Hop Artist.

Brian Blessed Must B-Rhyte now reps This Canadian Hip Hop/Rap Scene with like minded Artists. He also helps out the scene on a local & International levels.

Get at him under:
BDSEntertainment, Flawless Mafia International, Empty Handed Warriors, Canadian Indie, or LuckyLovlyLadies777...


1) Blood on the Dock The Mixtape

This is part 2 of family affairs, it features the inner family. Production By Dego Brown Produtions, Rinzai Productions, Casper Productions, The Commission, Bos Beats
Features Singles From Brian Blessed Must B-Rhyte that are playing on Urbanfm, Hazefm, & University radio stations throughout the GTA.

2) Family Affairs Vol #1

A collaborations of some of my people, and discovered talents. Features: Brian Blessed, Miss Nice, Silence & Phantom, Anda Z, Jay to the Mutha F**king T, Young Saints, Ill Cash.

Features Video :
Title: Old Wolf Dog
Artist: Brian Blessed
Beat Produced By: Zing Beats
Recorded At Alcatrax Studios
Track Produced By Boondock Saints Entertainment
Video Produced By: Truth Be Told Films 2013

3) 1st Brick In The Wall

1st mixtape I did with the inner family. Features By: Brian Blessed, Link Da Bar Fly, Eh K Eh The Last Rap Rock MC, Dymes The Repentant Thief, Yin Yan The unkown Assassin, Anda Z.... PRODUCTION BY: Casper Productions, Dego Brown Productions, Zing Beatz, Jimmy Mack Productions, Bos Beats, In2Deep Productions.

Features 2 Smash Hit SIngles and Videos:
Track: I Heard
Video: The Boondock Saints
edited : CIM

Peter Popoff Vs Penny Promise
"Brian Blessed Must B-Rhyte"
Track Produced By: Boondock Saints ENT
Beat Produced By Dego Brown Productions
Recorded At: Alcatrax Recordiing Studio's
Video By: Truth Be Told Films

Set List

I Heard
New Hope
Inner Congress Outter Progress
My Life Fletch's Ordeal
Old Wolf Dog

More If needed