Brian Borcherdt

Brian Borcherdt


The most intimate of his personal recordings yet — you can hear his fingers move over the fretboard, the creaks of his chair — Coyotes is the cry of little things as captured by one voice and guitar in someone’s living room.


Brian Borcherdt began playing music in rural Nova Scotia where he founded Canada's first not for profit collaborative label, Dependent. Back then he played in loud, screamy bands and helped foster the music of his friends in bands such as Wintersleep. Running away from Nova Scotia, Brian dabbled in the exciting world of film editing, working alongside visionaries like Walter Murch and Michael Ondaatje. In the end this experience just inspired him to go back to what he loved most, music. After a few years with Canadian indie pioneers By Divine Right Brian went off on his own to pursue two projects, the world touring, Polaris/ Juno nominated Holy Fuck as well as his own solo career.
While his solo career is worlds apart from experimental Holy Fuck both show a bold focus. Where Holy Fuck is uncompromising in its weirdo beat driven noise, his solo work is uncompromising in its sparse, moody aesthetic.

Coyotes was recorded by long time friend Jose Contreras of By Divine Right. While on a break from Holy Fuck's tour schedule Brian performed a handful of recently written songs in Jose's living Room. Most of the final selections were first takes. Little else was added to the sparse guitar and vocal, maintaining the song's intimate and delicate atmosphere. The album's textural paper sleeve features original artwork by James Mejia, perfectly complimenting the haunting tone of these seven songs.



Written By: Brian Borcherdt

I will kill all of the coyotes, kill off all the owls. I won't let anybody tear you away. I won't let anybody tear you away. Late at night, in my dreams I hear the cry of little things.

Tiny Mouths

Written By: Brian Borcherdt

Fell your stomach flutter from the cage inside this beating drum. Captive fireflies, fallen stars, we hold our breath inside a jar. Open up our tiny mouths and let our organs pour right out.

Scout Leader

Written By: Brian Borcherdt

Blacken out all the lines your couldn't read one more time...not one more time. Planted all the evidence in the palms of tight-held fists, dirty knives to cut their wrists. There's no point going back to this. Don't go back to warn them.


the Moth EP - 2004
The Remains of Brian Borcherdt Vol 1 - 2005
The Remains of Brian Borcherdt Vol 2 - April 2006
Coyotes - Brian Borcherdt - October 2008

Set List

no covers, all originals
example of set list:
1. Co.
2. coyotes
3. Tiny Mouths
4. Hers
5. The Drugs
6. Motel
7. New Mexico
8. Scout Leader
9. While I was asleep
10. Evil Twin
11. Blessed by You
12. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You