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"Brian Bow"

The Brian Bow Band has been creating the organic ring of funk together for the past two years. Featuring the melodic vocals of Brian Bow, daring basslines of Alax Lam, mean vio strings of Kevin Ho and percussive rhythm’s of Jaash Singh. “If it looks good, you’ll see it, if it sounds good, you’ll hear it, if it’s marketed right you’ll buy it, but if it’s real you’ll feel purpose is to write music, which will leave you feeling the way you do after a great meal.” – Brian Bow - North American Association of Asian Professionals


Play Me Please - fISHSHOP PRODUCTIONS (2005)



Receiving his first major gig with birth in Toronto, Brian Bow has been around since 1981. As a child he was exposed to many facets of music through the company of his father but was never really given an opportunity to pick up an instrument until he was thirteen. During this time Bow spent countless years studying music through the tenor sax, guitar and piano only to find himself frustrated with the end results of limited progress. Tempted to quit, a sudden death on the father’s side of the family left Bow in remorse and eager to occupy his mind with music rather than the tragedy. Although music became an obvious outlet for Bow to escape such troubled times, it also stood as the initial stage in which a guitar would never leave his side. As Bow’s understanding for the instrument strengthened he started participating in school talent shows, musicals, band, choir as well as community music events.

Although Bow really enjoyed studying music it was not until he was offered an opportunity to write a song for a high school documentary that he started taking notice in the fact that the best of his musical qualities were delivered through writing. By the age of seventeen Bow released his debut record fISHSHOP from his home basement on a four track with violinist Kevin Ho and drummer Adam Burns. The CD was an immediate success receiving airplay over RAMS Radio as well as gaining a victory win on its very first Supernova battle of the bands showcase. It was not long after, that Bow would find himself sharing stages with Canadian sensations like The Odds, Rascalz and Rubber.

Unfortunately these great moments ended once Bow started attending York University where he completed an Honors Degree in Philosophy and Communications. Due to an unhealthy balance of time caused by school priorities, Bow could only afford to play music on a part time basis. After graduating Bow packed his bags and headed back into the studio where he would record his highly anticipated fourteen track disc ‘Play Me Please’, which was finally completed in September of 2005. The album compiles four years worth of songs that Bow wrote on and off during his University career, which explores the nature of philosophical thought. The disc features special guest star drummers Jaash Singh (SassMac) and Marco Stornelli (Toronto’s famous ‘Police Tribute Band’) who each play on several tracks of the CD. The official release of the album took place in August 2006.

Since then Bow has been performing as a solo and group act mainly in the Toronto area. He has played in numerous venues namely: Lee's Palace, The Rex, Smoky Dees, London Pub, Club 279 (Hard Rock Café), Oasis, Degrassi House, Moose & Goose, Cadillac Lounge, Holy Joe’s, Third Floor Reilly’s, Gypsy Co-Op, Unicorn Pub, Uninonville Arms as well as several University charity events. During these acts he has had many opportunities to work with virtuoso GTA guitarists Mike Bosis, publisher Slav Simanic as well as former Sass Jordon bassists Ken Tizzar. Bow has received tremendous support and positive feedback over the course of these shows and was even recently sponsored by Long and McQuaed to play as an ultimate jams finalist for Club 279’s year end classic rock celebration. Aside from random jams Bow has been working hard with Singh, Ho and Lam to coordinate a touring schedule to pull the finished ‘Play Me Please’ record out of the basement studio and into the central halls of corner walls and crowds. Such a vision was achieved after playing in Toronto's popular Reverb venue when the piercing sounds of Ho's violin and Lam’s mighty bass were introduced to listeners. The fresh contribution of these two musicians have taken the disc to a completely new level, brining the focus back into the roots of live shows rather than the cupboard disc spaces. As Bow and the touring group get tighter they are looking forward to playing bigger gigs and also collaborating on some future efforts.

“If it looks good, you’ll see it, if it sounds good, you’ll hear it, if it’s marketed right you’ll buy it, but if it’s real you’ll feel purpose is to write music, which will leave you feeling the way you do after a great meal.” – Brian Bow