Brian Buckley

Brian Buckley


I have just signed a 3-album record/world-wide distribution deal with Sonic360 Records. Recently, my CD "For Her" was ranked 7th in album sales throughout Pan Europe by iTunes.


"I know a guy named Brian Buckley who is about to
put out an album. A day doesn't go by that I don't listen to him on my iPod. He's a singer-songwriter, and he has amazing lyrics, and he's an amazing
guitarist. He's going to be gigantic, soon." ---- Actor Jared Padalecki (Supernatural, House of Wax, Gilmore Girls), associate producer of Brian Buckley's debut album, "For Her."
~ Alternative Press Magazine (June, 2005)

Recently, The Viper Room and The Mint (two of
L.A.'s hippest musical venues) booked a fresh face in Southern California's live band scene. Brian Buckley, originally from Sacramento, CA is a singer-songwriter who brings a new twist to the Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Pete Yorn, Phish, live jam band
style. Brian, 25, a San Fernando Valley resident, brings a loyal following of youth devoted to his
serene, acoustic, electric, folk-rock pain. His
voice (reminicent of a combination of Bono and the late Jeff Buckley, though not related) reaches levels of emotion untapped in mainstream sound. In fact, "Cyanide" was written about a close friend whose suicide had a profound effect on Brian's emotionality. With each new track, Brian has delved into many various genre's: jazz, blues, funk, folk, latin and rock. Last year in October, after playing Karma Coffeehouse and Molly Malones, Brian caught the attention of music icon (and ex-Frank Zappa bassist, producer of Billy Idol and Diana Ross) Arthur Barrow. With help from close friend and TV star Jared Padalecki ("Supernatural") and Barrow, they independently recorded a full album entitled "For Her" which can be purchased through Brian's website: Arthur was so enthralled with Brian's sound, he contacted Vinnie Colaiuta (legendary drummer for Sting and the face of Ziljdan cymbals) who played drums along with Mike McGraw on guitar, Barrow on bass, Erik Leckrone on percussion and Adam Watkins on keys and organ.

In April, 2006 Brian filmed a music video for "The Fuse" with a single entitled, "Pretty Lady" and has gigs lined up throughout the Los Angeles area. What is most impressive about Brian's
style of play is his utter love of the art. This
love, compounded with a relentless live act are just two reasons why Buckley's music is truly rising
as the days pass. In November, Buckley was
interviewed on Malibu and Pepperdine's 101.5FM, and after a stirring live performance with fellow
guitarist Mike McGraw, he was quoted as saying--"I can only hope each listener has their own individual experience from each song. I have no
pretenses. I have faith in people's potential to
hear something universal, associate a personal moment to it, go home and enjoy a good healthy cry, wake up and start the day with fresh eyes and an open soul".


LP "For Her" (2005, Independent); produced by Arthur Barrow & Jared Padalecki. All music & lyrics written by Brian Buckley; copyrighted July, 2005. NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes, and featured as a "Staff Favorite".

Set List

Typical time limit for set list is 1 hour, 20 minutes.
"Little Pieces", "Score", "Wake Up", "This Life of a Dreamer", "Change Me", "Times Up for Now", "Spanish Tragedy", "Lover", "My World", "Thank You".