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"Brian Buta - False Colors; Free MP3s"

On his first full-length solo album, Brian Buta expands on the sound of FasterFasterHarderHarder, the band he formed over two years ago, pushing post-punk to the rear while electronic experimentation drives forth with rhythmic bass, textured synths (try the title track, "False Colors"), and near-new wave vocals on False Colors.

"Black Ring" introduces itself with long synthesizer notes, keyboards, and a submariner bass line. The multiple layers throughout the album add depth to the shifting ambience throughout, as the songs move from the dark and ominous to the bright and shining ("Screens"). The straight, hardline beat of "Caloris Basin" meets well with the new-wave punk "Emergency".

False Colors is most intriguing as it is entirely a solo project, all instruments being played, vocals being sung, recorded/mixed/mastered by Brian Buta himself. Down to the artwork, this is handmade by a musical being. I'm led to wonder if he put each jewel-case together by hand in an effort to retain absolute quality control over his creation. An artist to the core, Brian Buta makes it clear with False Colors that he is an incredibly creative soul.

Listen to "Open" for the ascendancy and "Motion Action" which closes out a one-man show with fuzzy guitars and a vocal hook that will stay with you for hours.

Click the album art to purchase False Colors on CDBaby. - Any Given Tuesday

"Review: Brian Buta - False Colors"

Excerpt: "While he's sometimes mopey, sometimes angry, he's always emotive. You just have to pay more attention to gather it from under the effects. Brian Buta seems to be an artist with a good bit to offer." - Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense

"Brian Buta False Colors (self-released)"

Excerpt: "Electronically-assembled pop-rock excursions. Buta doesn't really stick to any particular sound...but he shows some fine chops here." - Aiding and Abetting


Paper Ghosts LP - 2008
False Colors LP - 2007
Permanent Daylight EP - 2004
Ineffigy EP - 2003



“An artist to keep an eye on”
-Music Monthly

“An artist to the core, Brian Buta makes it clear with False Colors that he is an incredibly creative soul.”
-Any Given Tuesday

Brian Buta is a guitarist and vocalist from Baltimore. At age 13, he began writing music immediately after learning a few guitar chords. In high school and college, Brian played in numerous punk and modern rock bands, and expanded his recording know-how to use multi-track tape machines. In 2005, Brian founded the Baltimore indie rock band FFHH and simultaneously began exploring digital recording. He released his first full-length solo album, False Colors, to glowing reviews in the fall of 2007. In winter 2008, he released his second full-length album, entitled Paper Ghosts. Brian continues to hone his skill as a guitarist, a performer, a songwriter, and an amateur recording engineer.

Brian’s musical interests and ideas have followed many paths over the past decade. Though he started out playing simple acoustic songs, his musical output has spanned many styles, from punk to modern rock to electronic pop, to many points in between and beyond. Brian aims to make songs that are both engaging as well as unexpected; to pull the listener in with something strange yet familiar. As Music Monthly wrote about his 2003 EP, Ineffigy, “His music may loosely fall into the category of modern rock, but there is a dark industrial underbelly to Buta's songs that makes them different.”