Brian Capps

Brian Capps


Brian Capps captures the essence of Americana music. He “blends traditional country and early rock ‘n’ roll…The results transcend mere honky-tonk or rockabilly catchiness.” (K. Renick: Playback St. Louis) Capps’ music and energizing stage presence grab hold of audiences who keep hold of him.


Brian Capps

Brian Capps’ music “blends traditional country and early rock ‘n’ roll…The results transcend mere honky-tonk or rockabilly catchiness,” writes editor at large, Kevin Renick, of Playback St. Louis magazine.

Capps’ eludes stereotypes as he plays music clubs, casino stages, festivals, and opry shows. The contagious energy of his live performances has cultivated a dedicated fan base, originating in the Midwest, which continues to grow.

“There’s not a person who’s seen his show out here who doesn’t like him,” observes Cherokee Casino entertainment manager, Rusti Love, during an interview for Tulsa World. She explains, “He’s one heck of a performer…You get there and you can’t leave. He’s that good.”

In addition to live shows, fans can listen to Capps’ music on both regular and satellite radio stations, and view his performance at Midwest Country on RFD television.

Capps began his musical career in 1993 when he co-founded The Domino Kings. During the next eight years he performed, wrote, and contributed his music to the band’s first two widely acclaimed CDs, Lonesome Highway (1999) and Life & 20 (2000), while developing his own distinctive voice and style. Capps has since embarked on his solo career. His recent release, Walk Through Walls (HighTone Records; produced by Lou Whitney), is receiving rave reviews.

Music writer Roy Kasten declares that on Walk Through Walls, Capps “…smashes the barriers between country, rock, blues, and rockabilly with his Cash-like, but entirely unaffected, baritone.”

A. Grigg of Real Blues magazine writes, “I’ve never come across an album like this before. It’s Country (Pure Country), it’s rockabilly, it’s retro-R ‘n’ R and it’s also Gospel and there are at least 4 tracks that one could see at the Top of the Country Charts.”

Capps’ ability to channel the essence of all that Americana music has to offer is part of what makes him standout in today’s music market. “Brian Capps’ Walk Through Walls mixes hardcore honky-tonk, rockabilly and even a little gospel music, resulting in a particularly impressive solo debut,” asserts St. Louis Post Dispatch writer Daniel Durchholz, “Capps has what it takes to be a breakout talent.”

Producer Lou Whitney sums up Capps stating, “ He's the real thing."


Walk Through Walls (2005)- HighTone Records

Recorded with the Domino Kings:
Life & 20 (2000)- Slewfoot Records
Lonesome Highway (1999)- Independent release, Licensed to Slewfoot records

Set List

The set list varies depending on show type and length.

Set lists are made up of a mix of original material from Capps' three records as well as songs from artists such as Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Hank Williams, Dwight Yoakum, Rodney Crowell, Chris Isaak, Merle Haggard, Marty Robbins, and others.

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