Brian Chartrand

Brian Chartrand


Brian Chartrand's music is a combination of soulful vocal and rootsy guitar playing.


Brian Chartrand is a product of his upbringing. In seventh grade on a family vacation to Vermont, Brian's older brother introduced him to be-bop. Shortly thereafter, Brian was introduced to Steely Dan which quickly became the measure for greatness. In 1994, during a year-long trip to Germany, Brian saw Jeff Buckley's video for "Last Goodbye." This chance encounter had a profound effect on Brian's singing and songwriting. More recent influences include Radiohead, Coldplay, Ben Harper, Nick Drake, and most recently Amos Lee.


Flying Lessons - Flying Dude Sampler 2002
Flying Lessons - Traveling Music 2002
Brian Chartrand - I'll Take It With Me 2003

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Set List

Brian's solo set usually consists of 10 originals and 10 covers. He typically does two 50 minute sets which include the following songs (originals) Genuine Leather, Another Lover, 15 Tons of Moonshine, East West, Door to Door, Heartbreak at 6, Three Lessons, Morning Song, Cotton Candy, Don Quixote, UFO, (covers) Ain't No Sunshine, Lovely Day, Rasberry Beret, The Bends, Green Eyes, Barrytown, River of Deceipt, Life on a Chain, Trouble, Pearl of the Quarter, Lover, You Should've Come Over.