Brian Crooks

Brian Crooks


I am a songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. My main reason for "signing up" to this website is that it allows me to enter a song competition from far, far away. However if you want to give me any feedback on my songs feel free.


My music is fairly easy-osay, middle of the road, yer granny might like it type of music.


Trust in me.

Written By: Brian Crooks

Trust in me.

Words & Music by Brian Crooks

Verse 1
They say smile and the world smiles with you.
Cry and you cry on your own.
But trust in me, and I’ll let you see,
That you’re never alone with your sorrow.

Verse 2
There are times when you think no ones listening.
Times when you think no one sees.
But trust in me, and I’ll let you see
That you’re never alone for a moment.

Middle eight
And in your dark hours, when nobody’s there,
You’re lost in despair, trying to find a way through.
You cry out at night, with all of your might,
For someone to be there for you.

Verse 3
Well then knock and the door shall be opened.
Seek and you shall find.
Trust in me, and I’ll let you see,
That I never go back on my promise.

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