Brian Daniels

Brian Daniels


The Celtic bard seemlessly blends influences of traditional Irish Folk, British Invasion Rock n' Roll with splashes of Salvation seeking Gospel and roots Americana. He is an original! His music, magical, mystical and definitely not cliche!


From the enchanted country of Ireland, Brian arrived in Canada, an immigrant with guitar in hand and a dream to perform his magical music for the citizens of this fair country. So began the odyssey. "Since leaving his native Ireland to pursue his musical dreams, Brian has carved out his own unique niche as Niagara's resident Celtic performer, storyteller and musical pioneer". - Doug Ryckman, Thorold News. A descendant of the ancient pagan Celts, Brian travels the highways and byways from coast to coast and back again enthrawling audiences as he goes. Currently brewing up his eighth self penned album "Salvation Boulevard" this latest masterpiece is sure to spellbind, intoxicate and mystify. Brian is a talent. He is committed and passionate and with the spirit of his bardic past guiding him, he is without doubt the grandest singer/songwriter in the the land who never fails to captivate his listeners.


Albums include, Robot Man, Alleluia, Reggae Gypsies, Circus, Out of the Wilderness, Rainbow Maker, Between Heaven & Hell, Images of Babylon; with cuts available on and at