Brian Darnell

Brian Darnell

 Bonita, California, USA

Soulfully voiced lyrics combine with guitar and piano crafted songwriting to deliver a sound reminiscent of the earlier works of Elton, the Eagles, America, CCR and the like. If you like music with heart and content, you will love the sound.


Primarily a songwriter and producer, Brian Darnell has also performed at San Diego’s Anthology, the BellyUp, Humphrey’s and other local venues both as a front man for the rock band RedTuesday, and as a solo singer songwriter, his current musical focus. Darnell’s musical stylings span from adult contemporary to Americana, with voice being his primary instrument and guitar and keys being supportive to his writing and performing.

Darnell produced San Diego’s Steven Ybarra’s debut CD, “Love Love” and also Chris Wilson/Endoxi’s EP, “Bi-Polar” with both artist receiving notoriety for the releases. Darnell is now concentrating on his own writing, recording and performing as well as contributing co-writes with other musicians: most recently co-writing and provided backing vocal arrangements and tracks on Endoxi’s latest release, “Earthbound”.


Red Tuesday- Crucial
Brian Darnell- Prospecting the Wind

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