Brian David

Brian David


Acoustic Stomp/Pop/Rock


I have two lives. The Real World- I wear a suit and tie choking my neck as a Financial Advisors, dealing with the Blue Hairs and anyone with large some of money they don't have a clue what to do with The Escape World- I am a singer/songwriter and the former lead singer of a Rock band in the Twin Cities called Murge.

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I started playing in 1992 when my dad bought me an old Mitchell MD 750-S acoustic guitar. I picked the guitar up, then put it down, then picked the guitar up and put it down for a couple of years until I went to college at St. Cloud State University. I started teaching myself how to play using various how-to-play-guitar overnight books. Instantly I started writing songs and fell in love with songwriting. I thought for the longest time that maybe I had a little case of A.D.D because I found myself zoning out a lot, but now I have come to the realization that I'm always thinking about writing a song. It consumes me everyday. Music is my passion and will be the rest of my life no matter what happens with it. Well, it kind of has to, because I tattooed the Chinese symbol for "Song" on my left inner arm.
I graduated from St. Cloud State University in the late 1990's with a degree in Finance and Economics and over 50 songs I had written on yellow legal pads. In May of 1996, I started in the investment business as a Stockbroker and spent the next 7 years of my life building a solid financial planning business, but there was still something missing. I needed to do something creative. My songwriting was put on hold to follow the road I thought I was supposed to trying to make something of myself with one of those so called careers, but I was always side tracked by songwriting. It would come in and out of my life as needed to get me thru the rough patches. I started my creative journey by answering a "Lead Singer" wanted ad for a band called Syndicate Avenue. I had to sing "Arms wide open" by Creed and "Loser" by 3 Doors Down for my first audition and after 4 call backs they decided to make me a member. We starting writing immediately and learned a bunch of cover songs. We played our first gig at The Red Carpet in St Cloud and it is a moment I will never forget. I had all the support of my good friends. When I walked out on that stage for the first time I felt an overwhelming feeling of calmness like I was meant to be on a stage. I knew right then, that this is what I needed in my life, an outlet to let all my thoughts and feelings out, a way to get things off my chest. There is not a day that goes by, that I am not thankful for the opportunity to make music.
Here I am today, after Murge has parted, going back to my acoustical roots, where I fell in love with songwriting over 12 years ago. I am currently working on an acoustic EP with the theme song being "Up, down and Sideways" which pretty much sums up my life. Keep checking. I will have some of those songs posted soon.



Written By: Brian David Muller

What is that makes you so cold,
did someone steal your soul away
Can you believe, can you dream,
that tomorrow will not betray
Pre chorus:
I know you’ve gotten by,
trying to hide all your lies
But you can’t keep running
from who you are inside
From who you are----

Your not what you seem at the surface,
not what I thought
I can see thru you now,
and all the things your not
Underneath your thick skin,
underneath your hiding eyes I see what used to be,
that’s now your disguise
Underneath, oh underneath
Underneath, oh underneath
What made you grow distant,
from a world you used to face
Can you love, can you forgive,
what been hard to embrace
Pre chorus:
I know you’ve tried to hide,
from the pain that’s been lingering
Can you wash away the reason,
and find yourself again
And find yourself--------
I finally figured you out, I finally figured you out
And I see you from the inside out
and your not who you used to be-----------
I can finally see you, underneath______
Your not who you use to be, I can finally see you
Underneath, underneath, oh underneath
And I see you, oh and I see you , and I see you


Written By: Brian David Muller


Written by: Brian David


Not sure where you want to be

where you want to settle down ( down, down)

Not sure what you want from this life,

getting bored with this town

But you can’t go, because you’d have

to leave a big part of your soul behind

And you just don’t have the energy,

to start over in a new daily grind, yeah-hhhhh


Your indecisive
And no one seems to care

Your indecisive

And I –I ‘ve been there-e-e-e-e, yeah


Not sure what you want from this world,

It seems to change every day (every day)

Not sure if you can get past

all these expectations in your way

And you can’t keep going thru life,

inching slowly ahead, (no-a-no)

You can’t keep holding back,

the decisions you’ve already made in your head, Yeah-hhhh


Yeah, I’ve been there, yeah I’ve been there,

oh I’ve been there

Can’t seem to make up your mind


Currently working on an acoustic EP

Set List

1. On my way home
2. Up, down, sideways
3. Collide (howie day)
4. Not going to lie
5. World killer
6. Excuses (1/2 step down)
7. Broken ( seether)
8. Underneath
9. The rest of my life
10. Another mistake
11. If you could only see(Tonic)

1. indecisive
2. reaching for
3. flake( jack johnson.)
4. poison
5. not my day
6. mean to me(tonic)
7. frame of mind
8. mess out of me
9. cumbersome( 7m3)
10. loser (3 doors down)
11. long day(matchbox 20
12. Broken (Seether)
13. wonderwall (oasis)