Brian Davidson

Brian Davidson


Instrumental, Guitar-Driven Music featuring a unique blend of Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz,and Classical stylistic elements.


Finalist in 2007 North American Rock Guitar Competition.

Semi-Finalist in 1997 Musician Magazine Best Unsigned Band Competition.

First Place (Country Category) 1992 Guitar Player Magazine Ultimate Guitar Competition.

Honorable Mention,1989 Guitar Player Magazine Reader's Soundpage Competition.

1961: Born Swindon, Wiltshire,Great Britain.

1967: Moved To US (Cleveland Ohio), began playing drums at age five.

1969:Received first guitar on eighth birthday.

1972-2002: Played guitar, as soloist and ensemble member, in styles ranging from Folk,Country,Blues, Pop, and Rock,to Jazz and Classical, in venues ranging from Cleveland area clubs (with various cover bands) to Severance Hall, Blossom Music Center, and the State Theater (with the Cleveland Orchestra, Ohio Chamber Orchestra, Cleveland Opera, and Cleveland Ballet)

2002: Relocated to Nashville TN, where I've lived and worked for the past five years as a freelance guitarist in both live and studio settings

Set List

For the past 20 years plus, I've made the bulk of my income as a lead guitarist in various cover bands. About a year after relocating to Nashville, I was offered the guitar slot in the House Band at the historic Starlite Club, where (as you might imagine) the focus is on keeping the crowd dancing to music they're familiar with. At 46 years of age, I'm the junior member of the group (except for our female vocalist), and the other three band members have been full-time professionals longer than I have. On a Friday or Saturday night, we'll spend over five hours playing almost anything "dance-able", from classic country, pop and rock, to current top-40, to blues and R&B, to any request we can get through (paid requests go to the top of the list).
As a relative newbie in Nashville, I've taken just about any gig that's come my way. I've done acoustic writer's-night gigs and original showcases (which usually pay nothing),"honky-tonk"gigs on "Lower Broadway" (which pay $20-$30 plus tips),