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Hey Jolly

Written By: Brian D. Bell

Everybody loves a Christmas song
Momma croons Crosby all day long
Says she can't celebrate if she can't sway
Without a big band it ain't a holiday

Santa, I can't sing and I can't play
Can't count 4/4 or pound an 88
That beat's too late said the musical staff
And B flat will be my epitaph

Oh, but what I'd give to be a lyric man
Sell my soul for a Tin Pan Christmas jam
Tried to feature Jack Frost in a wistful chorus
But he wouldn't kiss no reindeer named Dolores

Maybe what I need is a writing team
A brand new Berlin or Hammerstein
A hand to help make the Bee Bop glisten
Hey jolly North Pole pop, you listenin'?

Dear Santa Claus,
I'd really like to write a gem
So please send an elf
About five feet ten
All she'll need is a fountain pen
A rhymin' rhythm hidden up a sleeve
And a sweet little musical acumen

Yeah, she's the only wish on my list
A swingin' elf
With a can't-miss hit
I don't want no baseball mitt
Fire engine or chemistry kit
Please St. Nick pull her down from the shelf
And send her full o' what fires up an orchestra pit

Well you know I had the sleigh bells ready
Stood holdin' the reins on the reindeer steady
And just as soon as she arrived
We flew right to a cozy studio
With her rosy cheeks and ice blue eyes
She looked like an angel in the new fallen snow
Oh how we typed our tune about the mistletoe

One Kiss of Your Oxygen

Written By: Brian D. Bell

My favorite tonic has never been gin
And Dewar's Scotch tends to do me in
Malt and hops make a festive friend
But they land me in bed by ten

One kiss of your oxygen
That's how I like
My night to begin
One kiss to stamp my ticket
One trip to a wonderful wicked

One kiss of your oxygen
O2 is how I spell sin
That's the heaven you put in
And you're the spell I'm under

Some prefer liqueur or Schnapps
I've sampled each and all before
But it takes just one tall shot
Peach, plum, or apricot
To lay me out on the floor

One kiss of your oxygen
I'm going off the deepest end
That's the highest I can get
So take away this oxygen debt
And let your lips meet mine again

One kiss of your oxygen
O2 is how I spell sin
That's the heaven you put in
And you're the spell I'm under