Brian denHertog

Brian denHertog

 West Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Songs of the spirit, songs of the road. Love lost and won, stories meandering across the rich and barren landscapes of the heart. Always searching for the way back home.


     From festivals and house concerts to touring the small towns of Canada’s West Coast, Brian denHertog has been performing his songs for more than thirty years. Along the way he has been a carpenter, high school shop teacher, carver and jeweller. His songs are rooted in the acoustic elements of folk, blues and country. As a traveller and story teller, Brian’s songs traverse physical and spiritual landscapes. His music illuminates the road less traveled and the way back home.
Brian's debut CD "Gypsy Wild and the Open Road" was produced by Stephen Fearing and released in 2001. Featuring a strong cast of Canada's finest roots musicians it garnered significant radio airplay across Canada and the USA. Brian's second CD "Cutting Diamonds out of Dew" was released at the end of 2009 and represents a more intimate, stripped down presentation of the songs. A brand new CD, "Ghost Stories" is scheduled for release at the end of November 2015.
Brian's song "Glory Train" has been included in the National Film Board documentary "Finding Farley" which was released in the Fall of 2009.

 Brian lives in Horseshoe Bay, on the outskirts of Vancouver with his wife, musician Jill Russell.


Cutting Diamonds Out of Dew
-CD released 2009
Gypsy Wild and the Open Road
-CD released 2001

Set List

My performances showcase a vast collection of original songs and instrumentals that span three decades of writing, composing and performing.

Falling Into You
Northern Journey
Empty Front Porches
Always By Your Side
Cutting Diamonds Out Of Dew
Closing Of The Day
This Old Sweater
Queen Of Hearts
Portrait Of A Painter
Love Can't Wait
Just A Dream
(All released 2008 on "Cutting Diamonds Out Of Dew")

Gypsy Wild And The Open Road
Lost Or Found
Glory Train
Heart Pulls Away
Harmony Is Here
Copper Mountain
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Burned Out Car (Tom Wilson)
You Carry It Around
Home Again
(Released 2001 on "Gypsy Wild And The Open Road"

Various new and unreleased songs and a few covers.