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ghosts of july

Written By: brian douglas

we will make a packed to one day spend the afternoon
we’ll wade knee deep in the waters
and i will wait for you
and regrets like a sunday
don't come around again

and from the boardroom came a loaded cry
coffee patterns on his shirt and tie
cracked white smile like a circus ride
tainted laughter of a haunted child
frost framed ghosts for all of july


eyes of darkness - 1996
tv screens - 1998
paranormal bouquet - 1999
stereo-spirits - 2000
sunday's feelings - 2001
raining pieces of direction - 2001
6 string on my back - 2001
tuesday's for the shadows...wendsday for the trees - 2002
the summer ep - 2002
morocco dream for two - 2003
eventually everything - 2004
never step off the curb without saying the words i love you - 2004
through the bamboo blinds - 2005
shattered hearts and pillow talk - 2005
and off in the distance came the beating of my heart - 2005
kind of like spring - 2006
sorrow vs. sparrow - 2006 - currently in progress
behind the iris and the smile - currently in progress

Set List

Varies night to night depending on the show, the crowd and which songs I am really into at the time.