Brian Elder & The Wide River

Brian Elder & The Wide River

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Eclectic singer/songwriter and his accompanying ensemble display folky, jazz, rock, and blues music through a variety of orginal songs.


Brian Elder Music
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1300 San Jacinto Ct.
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May 17, 2006



Multitalented musician and Missouri native, Brian Elder kicks off the release and tour of his new album Preservation Hall on June 3, 2006 in St. Louis. The 9:00 evening performance will take place at Off Broadway in the Historic Cherokee Lemp District and will be a benefit show for the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund and the St. Louis Arc. Special musical guests include Ron Carr, Nate Hirning, Craig Florez, Keith Moyer, and also a performance by Todd Mosby and the Mosby Group. Tickets are $10.

The album Preservation Hall is Elder’s first solo release after more than ten years performing and writing in the Midwest music scene. The album is available for purchase in stores at local BORDERS and other retail outlets as well as on line at Recorded at Spielberg Audio Labs in Chesterfield, MO the project features Elder on guitar, electric violin, mandolin, and vocals and includes a wide variety of music including, rock, blues, funk, jazz, and folk. The title track “Preservation Hall” pays tribute to these musical styles and took new meaning for Elder after the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina. A Midwest summer tour will include acoustic and full band performances. For more information go to


Brian Elder Music
5628 Pernod Ave. * St. Louis, MO 63139 * (314) 724-9265

Artist Profile:

Born in Columbia, Missouri, Brian Elder has been writing and performing original music for over a decade. His diverse style of music has been called everything from “folky, jazz-inflected funk” by the St. Louis Post Dispatch to “striking melodies with abounding instrumentation,” by the University News at St. Louis University. A classically trained violinist since age five Elder has performed with several groups most notably a five year run as lead vocalist, guitarist, and violinist with the St. Louis jam band E. M. Grueve. The group performed extensively throughout the Mid-west and released three albums in five years together. During 2005 Elder began writing and recording his first solo album Preservation Hall set for release spring of 2006.

A highly anticipated tour to support Preservation Hall will inlclude major Midwest cities, college towns, and music festivals. The new album and title track pays tribute to the famous New Orleans Jazz club and to all the musical styles that flow along the Mississippi River from Dylan’s watchtower to the Delta. Whether
it is the straight ahead rock single “Let It Fall”, the funky/blues cut “Backboard Jimmy”, or the tender groove of “Heal Me,” Elder has crafted an album that demonstrates all of his favorite flavors of music.

A jack of all trades, Elder performs on vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar, and piano. The album Preservation Hall is just as diverse as the artist and required an extraordinary level of instrumentation including horns, percussionist, strings, guitarist, and vocalists. In order to bring his music to life, Elder enlisted 13 of the best musicians in the St. Louis music scene. “I have to give credit to all the people who came in and gave their unique style and spirit to this project,” says Elder. More details and links to all the musicians
are incorporated on Elder’s web site.

Taking his act on stage will prove most exciting for Elder. “When you’re up there in the moment performing it’s like the first time you came up with the composition,” says Elder. “I’m trying to recreate that experience, make it organic, real, and something tangible.” The 2006 tour will include dates with his full five piece band as well as acoustic dates. “Performing is about connecting with people,” continues Elder. “Whether that’s in a
large venue or an intimate club, my aim is have people relate to the music.”


"Let It Fall"

Written By: Brian Elder

“Let It Fall”

A lonely woman walks the street and she talks
Another day is passing her by.
“Those two years in London, were nothing but a waste of time.”

She’s been around the world searching for a pain that’s been hurting,
The emptiness burns inside. She says,
“True love’s a myth and romance is just a lie.”

Let it fall tonight, let it break,
This wall around your heart is more than I can take.
When a door is open, that’s when faith begins,
And you’ve been waiting for so long to let love in.

I had a friend he was a child of the Ford administration,
He says he lives his life in fear.
He’s afraid some day he will remember what he's running from.

Like Robert Fisher, he’s a hard man to know,
Just a smile and then he disappears,
Said he used to have a love but it felt like he was losing control.


A father told his son, “Child never believe,
A cynic ever changed the world.”
The question was raised hoping someday he would begin.

“You can blame me for the mistakes I’ve made,
And the guilt that I never put down,
But I will let it fall if it teaches you to let love in.
Yes I will let it fall if it helps you to let love in.”

Let love in, let love in.
Let love in, let love in.

"Heal Me"

Written By: Brian Elder & Robyne Elder

Words have no meaning when I'm lost in the momment,
All I have is the heat from your lips.
Slowing down and moving faster,
Enough to remind me of the way I need you.

Heal me with your love,
Touch and I awake,
This is where it all comes down in the rain, in the rain.
Take me to that moment,
Clear is the memory,
That I'm waiting in the rain just for you,
To heal me.

We play our roles upon this star-lit stage,
And I know the look in your eyes can't be done again.
But, let's try once more tonight.
I can still show you the way I need you.


Don't let me go, stay with me.
There still so much in store for you to see,
In the rain, heal me.



Preservation Hall (2006)
Debut Solo Release

Other Titles:
Futher From (2001) - E. M. Grueve
Saint George (1999) - E. M. Grueve
E. M. Grueve (1998 EP) - E. M. Grueve

Set List

One to Three 45-60 minute sets of original music and some covers.

A sampling of covers Brian has perfromed include:

"Whirlpool" by Seal
"Gettin' In Tune" by The Who
"Smile" by Pearl Jam
"Waiting For The Man" by Velvet Underground
"Cinnamon Girl" by Neil Young
"Diamonds On The Soles of Her Shoes" by P. Simon
"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by The Animals