Brian Elkington

Brian Elkington


Brian Elkington is a refreshing example of the best of the singer/songwriter genre. His music is a return to strong lyrics and great melodies. He weaves stories familiar to us all and, like a good book, you don't want his album to end.


Brian Elkington has lived in Sydney for the past 17 years. He was born in northern Minnesota USA and spent his childhood among the lakes and woods in the country near the Canadian border.

“The songs have a uniform lyrical depth and heartfelt honesty that show his upheaval to these shores is our gain and America’s loss” – Keith Glass, CapNews

Brian started playing guitar at age 17, and began playing publicly to fund his way through three university degrees. He lived in New York’s Greenwich Village for a while and played world famous venues such as Folk City and The Other End. During his college days he teamed up with friend and fellow musician, Daniel Mohs. The duo became “Elkington Mohs” and spent 10 years travelling around the United States playing music including a large number of Brian’s original songs.

Brian eventually decided to move to Nashville, where he wrote songs professionally and gained valuable experience in the craft of songwritng. He had several songs published and recorded during his three and half years in “Music City”. He also performed his songs at the famous Blue Bird Café in Nashville.

‘A Mark in Time” - the debut album of singer/songwriter Brian Elkington, is a refreshing example of the best of the acoustic singer-songwriter genre.

In Australia, ‘A Mark In Time’ has been receiving a lot of attention from the likes of Alan Jones (2GB) and Bob Rogers (2CH), with the album being featured on both shows to rave reviews. The album is being played on stations across the country, while overseas, is being featured on radio in France, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Austria, Holland, New Zealand and the United States.

“I want to tell people about your album – because the songs are so poignant” - Bob Rogers, 2CH

Michael McGlynn, the CD’s producer, has pulled together a very talented group of musicians for this album and has also contributed a great deal of his own exceptional musicianship. He plays keyboard, percussion and guitar on most of the tracks as well as singing background vocals.

Brian signed to Blue Pie Productions in June, providing worldwide access for his album ‘A Mark In Time’.

“Brian's music is what got us together. He has something magical in his voice. He is pure class and a star in the making.” - Damien Reilly, CEO, Blue Pie Productions.

• In September 2004, Brian was awarded a 2nd and 3rd place for the Tasmania & New Zealand songwriting contest for two songs in the Open Contemporary section.

• In March 2005, Brian was a finalist in the main/professional songwriters’ awards section of the Port Fairy Folk Festival.

• In July, 2005 – Brian was a featured local artist on the inflight radio program of Qantas airlines

Brian lives in Sydney with his Australian wife, Jane, and their three daughters.

‘A Mark In Time’ is available in stores throughout Australia, though MGM distribution, or outside Australian through CD Baby (www.cdbaby/elkington) or through Brian’s website


A Good Old Love

Written By: Undisclosed for the competition

I found her old number
In some papers that that I had
Her mother said she was married
And hadn’t mentioned me in years
And it might have been the feeling of getting older
I don’t know
But I woke up Sunday morning
And I knew I had to go

She didn’t see me watching from the car across the street
As her little girl was helping her hang the clothes out on the line
And I held my breath but she could never guess
That a man she once admired
Had come a hundred miles and 15 years to see her one more time

A good old love is like a fine old wine
It’s more mellow every day
And even though it was years ago
It never quite fades away
Yes a good love is like a diamond ring
‘Cause it shines down through the years
And it’s always there for company
When you’re thinking ‘bout what used to be
Oh there’s nothing like the memory of a good old love

Now I've got a wife and family
And the years have all been kind
So I’m not saying I missed my chance
Somewhere along the line
But something in me needed to know
That my old love was OK
I could have talked with her
But I knew the words could never bring back yesterday
And those memories meant more to me
than all those things I meant to say
So this misty-eyed old Romeo, just smiled and drive away

No there’s nothing like the memory of a good old love

Another Prayer for Rain

Written By: Undisclosed for the competition

The land’s as dry as I’ve ever seen
There’s not much green these days
Just grey and brown
And I’m tired of barely getting by
As after one more day of dry
I watch the sun go down

And all my neighbours down the road
And down every road I know
They’re all doing just the same
They’re raising weary eyes, to those empty skies
And sending up another prayer for rain

But it doesn’t come and you feel forsaken
And my heart is breaking Lord, for this land of mine
Just to see trees bending in the wind
As a storm comes rolling in
That would be so fine

When those big drops hit that old tin roof
I will dance across my yard
I’ll be laughing so hard


And in the morning, we’ll hold our heart’s desires
As the smoke from distant fires
Meets the rising sun

And all my neighbours down the road
And down every road I know
They’re all doing just the same
They’re raising weary eyes, to those empty skies
And sending up another prayer for rain
And sending up another prayer for rain.

Lover's Waltz

Written By: Brian Elkington

Lights glimmering, wine winking
as we glide through the room
over and over I'm hearing the whisper that the evening is ending too soon

Soft music surrounds lovers who carousel two by two
but I feel as though I'm waltzing
alone in the moonlight with you

cause everybody disappears when I dance with you darling
I'm lost in the light in your eyes
its easy to see, its magic to me,
just being with you tonight

I got me no wild wishes
to be more than I am
but I'm holding my own angel
and heaven is right in my hand

Cause everybody disappears when I dance with you darling
I' m lost in the light in your eyes
I'm sailing away
there's so much to say
but words, just couldn't be right

So play softly for 2 dreamers
and we'll make it come true
cause I know in my heart I could be dancing forever with you
baby I do.


LP: A Mark In Time (13 songs)
"The Things that Mothers Do" released as a single through AIR/AMRAP to over 200 radio stations - to rave reviews.

Eleven of the 13 songs on the CD have received radio play by stations throughout Australia and Europe.