Brian Ernst

Brian Ernst


Acoustic/Soul/Roots. Brian has 20 instruments on stage and a looping pedal. Using no pre-recorded music, he loops and layers all his instruments into powerful songs, jams, and instrumentals. Some of the instruments he loops are: guitars, lap steel, djembe drums, saxophone, didgeridoo's. Very unique.


Brian is a true artist. He dares to dream, and demands to be different.

He has over 20 instruments on stage, and uses a looping pedal to record and layer them into his original music.

Brian and his wife Katie tour 7-9 months a year. They tour in a solar powered/vegetable oil bus. Where they collect waste vegetable oil from restaurants and bars they play at and use it as fuel to get them to the next stop.

Brian's music has taken him and his wife around the world. Literally.

He has performed in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Kenya, Africa.

Although music consumes most of their time, it is only a fraction of what they are doing. Brian and Katie also started and run a non-profit called Journey4YOUth.

In 2010 they took some time off the road and lived in a small mud hut in Kenya. They are supporting a monthly feeding program for 41 orphans in Kenya.

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He is one of the artists that's really out there making things happen, trying to change the world. One show at a time.


1. ReNew Orleans Single [2005]
2. The Sunshine Sessions [2006]
3. LIVE @ The Last Supper Studio [2007]: Brian distributed over 500 units in a 4 month period.
4. Political Poem Single [2007]: Currently spinning on 88.9fm IMPACT RADIO in East Lansing, MI.
5. JOURNEY SONGS [2007]: Brian has distributed over 2000 units since it's release in December 2007.
6. aLive @ The Rendezvous [2008] Live recording from St. Augustine, FL
7. aLive @ The White Lion [2008] Live recording from St. Augustine, FL
8. aLive @ The Sidecar [2009] Live recording from Park City, UT


9. Journey4YOUth [2009] Debut studio album. Recorded at the Jungle Studios in Atlantic Beach, FL. Sold over 3,000 units as of Feb 1, 2012

10. To Love or to Fear [2012]: Sophomore studio album releases April 2012.

Set List

If you're reading this, I'm assuming you've never heard my music before, so I won't bother writing out all my songs.

I play mostly original music. I have a few covers and jams I throw in the set here and there.

I've manged to tour pretty extensively all over the world, and never once been told I should play more covers.

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and see/listen to the music and how it might fit your particular venue.