Brian Eyster

Brian Eyster

 Lyons, Colorado, USA

Brian Wilson and Bill Monroe share a flat somewhere in Glasgow. Every Saturday night they hang out with Mogwai and Greg Brown at the local pub to watch football. I should know - this pub is located inside my head.


I write indie pop songs for the folk world. Perform them with roughly-carved emotion. Then cover them in layers of sound collage and bluegrass instrumentation.

Growing up in Wisconsin as the son of a Scottish-born mother, I started writing songs on the acoustic guitar in elementary school. That soon gave way to hundreds of hours spent recording four-track pop symphonies and learning the accordion, bagpipes, and euphonium.

I was a member of a funky ska band in New Hampshire, took third place in the 2003 Rockygrass dobro contest, and led a horn-filled jam band in Colorado. Doesn't sound very "folky", eh? That's the point.

Look: too many singer-songwriters listen to the same music, read the same books, write the same songs. I prefer to be on the outside, peeking in, with my headphones blasting John Zorn and the Fiery Furnaces.

[As a good musical citizen, I donate many hours to running a non-profit concert series - - and maintaining a music website for my hometown of Lyons, CO -]


Take Care

Written By: Brian Eyster

Take care of her smile
Take care that it lasts awhile
For it never will shine
Quite as brightly as this time
On this day that she finds love

Take care of her hand
Take care that it lands in yours
Never lose sight
Of all the dreams you have this night
Somehow things just seem right

Take care of her words
Take care that they're heard for
All the days of your life
And the promise this night
As you make her your wife is true

Take care of her dress
Take care to caress her
In the bed you both share
As she lets down her hair
And together you both bare

Take care of her curls
Take care that the world she hopes for is
All that she sees
And that your only disease
Was that you worked too hard to please her.

Bring Us Back

Written By: Brian Eyster

Someone had to get it wrong
Someone had to write this song and pass it on
In the hope it just might
Make someone decide
To convince the girl to make this world

From outside the window shines
And it fills my heart with wine like the time
We were cooking starlight
Melting snow by midnight
Through the years and the tears, still right

Let me explain why
I've earned one more try
Meet me away
I've got some things to say
On my behalf
That might bring us back

I'm the one who ran away
I couldn't find anything to say on that day
I only knew how to deal with
Tiny problems as myth
So fatally, as the leaves, I quit

But all of the things you
Wanted from me, I'll do
Just show me a way
The right thing to say
Is there something I lack
That could bring us back

As the lights fade into black
There's no interest in this fact
I want you back
Guess I understand now
I'll go on somehow
But the lack of this redundant kiss
Is what I miss
But still I wish
All of this analysis
Could bring us back.


"The Sound of Stink" by Skaboodah and the Skalaktites. (1995)
"Jamison Live" by Jamison. (1999)
"Acoustic Trio" by Jamison. (2000)

Set List

My setlist draws from an extensive original repertoire - ranging from traditional-sounding waltzes to modern acoustic pop.

I also draw from an eclectic collection of covers: the Beach Boys, Greg Brown, Prince, and Tim O'Brien.