Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick


Brian Fitzpatrick is a singer/songwriter in the grand tradition. There is no attempt at reinventing the wheel here. The wheel doesn't need to be reinvented. Just great songs with a great band providing the juice.


Having spent the mid-nineties touring America and Europe with several seminal Hardcore bands, Brian came full circle in 1998 and released his first solo album "Other Side". Two more albums followed: When I Bleed (2000) and State Of Grace (2002). Brian's latest effort "Further Down The Line" is scheduled for release in October 2004. Brian's songs paint pictures that draw on the artist’s inherent intelligence, vocal ability and gift for storytelling that clearly bespeaks his Irish heritage. His backing band consists of friends Ed Fritz, Jay Forsythe, and Rich DeCicco. Either as a solo perfomer or with the band Brian and Company continually deliver the goods. Rolling Stone Magazine has pegged him as "a writer to keep an eye on".


Other Side (1998)
When I Bleed (2000)
State Of Grace (2002)
Further Down The Line (2004)

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