Brian Funshine

Brian Funshine

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I'm a Singer/Songwriter focusing on kids music, educational songs, and songs for kids learning English as a second language. I live in Taiwan, and travel to other parts of the world occasionally to perform, do workshops, or recordings.


Brian is an internationally performing musician, songwriter, music producer, teacher trainer, and edu-tainer. Currently residing in Taipei, Taiwan, Brian offers a wide range of skills, all to the benefit of students of English as a Foreign Language (EFL/ESL).

Brian is an educator with over 15 years experience, who holds a Bachelors degree focused in psychology and music education. Brian combines his multitude of talents into the creation of original self-published music recordings as well as creating music productions and voice recordings for other companies. Brian also writes and publishes materials for English as Second Language (ESL/EFL) educational programs internationally.

Within his own educational programs, Brian Funshine is dedicated to expanding childrens' imagination, contributing to their love for the arts, enhancing brain development, developing motor and psychomotor skills, celebrating diversity, social development, language learning, and willingness to "give it a try".

Brian Funshine has performed throughout Taiwan and the USA, and looks forward to continuing to offer his presentations throughout the rest of the world.


Brian Funshine - Rainbow Fun
Brian Funshine - Let's Sing
Brian Funshine - Hello to All Our Friends

Set List

Alphabet Limbo
In the Morning
Rock Around the Circle
Shake it up High
Don't Worry Be Happy
In a Circle
I Had a Dream Last Night