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"BG Remix Roundup" LP released June 17, 2008

over 75,000 + streams on

cd track #4 "Naughty Rock" in mixes incuded on as well as reported club play in AZ & UK.
Brian G music is for sale in the itunes music download store as well as a CD for sale at



Who is Brian G & What does He Do?

In addition to being a quite skilled Top 40/pop music mixing DJ, Brian G is also not your typical white rapper. When you first encounter him you are expecting something along the lines of Eminem, Everlast, or Bubba Sparxxx. But then you listen to his music, and are pleasantly surprised to find it along the lines of popular "old skool" 80s greats such as Fresh Prince (now Will Smith), Shock-G (of Digital Underground fame), or Slick Rick. He has a clever knack for rapping about girls, drinking, and clubs, that is a nice getaway from the violence and redundance in today's rap. If you had to pigeonhole this guy that seems to blur the line between hiphop and rock, you would most likely call him a throwback to the rap we used to and still enjoy. He definitely puts a fresh spin on what direction hiphop could and should be doing today.

Brian G as a recording Artist....

The release of Brian G's "BG Remix Roundup" album on Tuesday June 17, 2008 is evidence that Myspace, a site used by teens and young adults for time-passing purposes, can be used to promote music. Brian G, a Richmond,VA, based DJ/Emcee has been a Myspace "music" member since April 2006. During this time he has made several musical contacts from all over the USA and the UK, who make appearances on his album.

Brian G as A Remix Producer.....

The project started with Brian G remixing 25 tracks, including several for up-and-coming UK Artist Emilie Rees, as well aspiring German singer/songwriter Ivonne Reimann. Having never actually meeting face-to-face, all collaborations were done via e-mail and Myspace messages, with the artists submitting vocal tracks recorded in their local studios . The pieces were then put together to form the tracks.

On the BG Remix Roundup" album, 90% of the production was provided by Domingo, an underground veteran Hiphop producer who offers Production to Indie Artists via his own Myspace profile.

Sprinkled throughout the songs is vocal adlibs from UK born California resident Lesley Lafferty, a professional voice-over artist who appears on the album as the sexy character "Naughty Bird" who also takes on a fair share of music related/DJ work via her Myspace profile page.

The highlight of the album is a cover remake of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's (Will Smith) 1991 Grammy-winning hit "Summertime" which samples "Summer Madness" by Kool & the Gang. The cover features lead rap vocals by Brian G with the chorus performed by Emilie Rees from the United Kingdom.

The Myspace connection doesn't end with just the music itself , the cd artwork feature pictures of fans of the music wearing Brian G " I LOVE BG REMIXES" t-shirts/hats as well as fans & friends taking pictures while holding handwritten fansigns. These fans/models range from Myspace contacts as far away as Africa, Austria (via Arizona) and even includes Myspace contacts from Brian G's own city of Richmond, Virginia.