Brian Gottesman

Brian Gottesman


Narrative, three-dimensional songwriter rock with emotional honesty and a sense of humor.


Formerly of Chucklehead and Rype, Brian Gottesman began exploring music as a youngster through his parents' record collection, locking in on The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and Beethoven. Piano lessons gave him an outlet for the sounds in his head, and soon he was also picking up the french horn and guitar. He went on to study jazz and classical composition in college, but, as happens with young lads, he heard the call of the wild and co-founded the legendary funk band Chucklehead, which grew into a groove behemoth with Brian as a frontman and keyboardist.

The Chucklehead years were a blast: 4 Boston Music Awards, 6 Boston Phoenix/WFNX Awards, sold-out shows all over the country, songs in several feature films, 40,000 albums sold, etc. However, Brian craved an outlet that would bring him closer to his original musical roots. In 1995 Gottesman formed Rype, a vehicle for the melodic rock songs he had been writing. Rype released the groove-rock album Extra Virgin in 1997, which was hailed by the Boston Globe as one of the year's Top Ten local albums. In 1998, Gottesman decided to go solo, calling in former members of Rype along with local luminaries such as bassist Mike Rivard (Club D'Elf, Morphine), drummer John Sands (Aimee Mann) and members of the Either/Orchestra. The resulting concept-album, Pardon My Mess, was named Indie CD of the Year in 2001 by The Portland Press Herald and in the Top Ten Regional Albums of 2001 by The Boston Herald.

The Sound of Yes picks up where Pardon My Mess leaves off. "Take Me Back", a plea for a return to connection, kicks things off with a bang, and each song thereafter is a step on the road towards trust, joy, commitment and peace. Most of the album was written in 2003 in a burst of creativity following Brian's marriage to long-time girlfriend Megan Berry (former lead singer for Violet Tide and co-producer of The Sound Of Yes). He assembled the BG Band rhythm section for a weekend of recording, then tracked overdubs at home over the next three years. Guest musicians include Duke Levine on guitar, Garret Savluk on trumpet, and cellist (and former BG Band member) Harel Gietheim. The album was mixed partially at home and partially at Q Division with Matt Tahaney.


The Sound of Yes

Written By: Brian Gottesman

Falling on my ears in reverie
Dancing up my arms in harmony
Am I dreaming now or can it be
I’ve just heard the sound of yes

Sweeping through me like a fresh champagne
Seems my heart is on an aeroplane
How I hope you’ll say it once again
That sweet simple sound of yes

I never knew a word so pure
As what just left your lips
From this day on we’ll hold it there
Right where it passed your fingertip

Now I’ve seen the top of Everest
Breathed in air from every wilderness
If there’s someone truly heaven-blessed
By your decree
It must be me
I’ve just heard the sound of yes

Everything You

Written By: Brian Gottesman

Only moments ago
You let my hands go
And left with a smile
As I watched your car turn the bend
I feared life would end
If just for a while
So I ran as fast as I could
Through each neighborhood
One alley looked just like a church aisle

Hear my breath
Feel it move
I’m in love with everything

You’ve got something alive
Behind knowing eyes
That I’d never seen
And a way of catching the light
And saying goodnight
And setting me free
There’s a road in front of me now
And I know somehow
I’ve got to believe in this daydream

Feel it ring
Loud and true
I’m in love with everything you

(Go on) All my life
(Go on) Racing by
(Go on) Leading to
(Go on) Life with you

And now that I’ve come around
To this part of town
I’m dying for more
There’s so much that I want to say
But starting today
You see that I’m here at your doorway

Just like spring
Bursting through
I’m in love with everything you

A Pearl

Written By: Brian Gottesman

I’m all alone, but I’m not worried
Love comes along when you’re not in a hurry
I believe in a world where a guy finds a girl, ‘cause
For every dirty oyster there’s a pearl

Don’t you know that I’m not lonely
All over town there are more just like me
I believe in a life where a girl finds a guy, ‘cause
For every dirty oyster there’s a pearl

I maybe half crazy
Naivete’s amazing
But if I’m patient she will come

Oh yeah, she’ll find me
Oh yeah, so charming
Oh yeah, my sweatpants
Oh yeah, disarming
And then…

Nothing will keep us from each other
Water and fish, lock and key, bread and butter
I believe in a life where a girl finds a guy, ‘cause
For every dirty oyster there’s a pearl
I believe in a world where a guy finds a girl, ‘cause
For every dirty oyster there’s a pearl


2007 - The Sound of Yes
2001 - Pardon My Mess
1997 - Extra Virgin (w/ Rype)
1997 - Bottom's Up (w/ Chucklehead)
1994 - Fuzz (w/ Chucklehead)
1992 - Big Wet Kiss (w/ Chucklehead)