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by Pete Vogel Rating: 10

I recently picked up Brian Granger's CD and I think it is exceptional! It is a first-class work of art. From the photography, lyrics and layout to the vocals, music and production, I have yet to hear an indie production of this quality and craftmanship! Mark Lacuesta did an excellent job of producing, and what can you say about Brian's voice? The musicians were great, the singing and songwriting is exceptional, and the tunes are catchy and heart-warming! This is an album worthy of everyone's collection! BUY IT NOW!

- Pete Vogel

""Granger Pushes for what's Pulsing Beneath the Surface""

By Jennifer Layton

Brian Granger can layer that smooth, soulful voice over anything. Electronic funk grooves, classical string arrangements, menacing rock guitar. His background in a cappella groups has taught him versatility. He brings a warm, velvety vibe to every song.

This is a very impressive debut album, filled with intriguing musical experimentation. “Playing Me,” with its use of accordion, a stalking tempo, and a swirl of vocal harmonies, is hip hop by way of Venice. “Nothing in This World” uses a large group of background singers to bring a dramatic, mystic gospel effect to a song with a gritty groove. In “Take Some of Me,” the violin, cello, and woodwinds are the perfect instruments for a ballad of heartbreak and lyrics such as:

"Plant these seeds if you dare,
and years from now they’ll wonder
at the forest growing there.
When they ask you all the questions
You can tell them it’s a piece
of the paradise we made ..."

He strips all the layers away in “The Prophet,” a simple, a cappella prayer for peace and brotherhood. No matter what the topic, he wraps it in a groove that kept me moving in my seat.

I’m particularly impressed with his approach to dance music. “Let Go,” an energetic burst of electronica funk, is great dance music that avoids the lyrical clichés normally associated with the genre.

Granger pushes for what’s pulsing beneath the surface. That tendency will keep him alive in the music business. -


brian granger (CD - released April 7, 2003)



Brian Granger is a "soul-pop" singer-songwriter. Raised in the church, Brian grew up singing in school music groups and winning a number of teenage writing contests for his image-heavy and social-issue poetry.

He paid his dues as a street performer in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City and Columbus, Ohio. After travelling for a few years, he moved back to Columbus, Ohio and met John, Bernard, Kevin, Betsy and Stefan, and joined their professional a cappella recording band Throat Culture.

A high point for Throat Culture (and Brian’s first major gig with the group) was their well-publicized performance on National Public Radio, as the musical guests on Garrison Keillor’s syndicated radio show “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Brian was able to flex his deepening songwriting and vocal skills on the group’s critically acclaimed CD, Up With Angst, produced by Richard Greene (The Bobs) at Grandma Katherine’s Records, which showcased five of Brian’s compositions.

The next few years Brian continued to develop his love for groove-making and for telling vivid, socially aware stories through song, by teaming up with long-time friend and up-and-coming producer Marc Lacuesta. Together they brought out the self-titled Brian Granger—Brian’s debut as a solo (and plugged-in) artist.

Brian currently makes his home in Southern California, where he is promoting the CD, working on new material, acting and modelling, and can even be seen playing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, and in many other venues in L.A. and Ventura county areas.