Los Angeles, California, USA

"Sexy. Intense. Rhythmic. Addictive. Groovy. Smooth. Sure to be a global radio hit" - Music Weekly - on 'Malibu You'


A contemporary singer-songwriter vibe with a rock sublayer that yields juicy radio pop, Brian Greenwood's lyrics and melodies are taking hold. Lost in New York and found in the dizzying sunsets of the L.A. scene, he has emerged with a unique, branded sound of his own...

A native of beautiful Upstate New York - Brian attended at The Albany Academy (notable grads: Herman Melville and Truman Capote) and thereafter high school on a small island off the coast of Georgia. After being considered for lead roles in major blockbusters such as 'X-Men' and Tim Burton's 'Land of Oz', Brian found himself more frequently with a guitar in his hands - a true calling steadily forming and turned his focus and attention on music. His name began to be resonate through the halls of MTV, and he was considered as a tour lead singer back-up for two hall of fame rock bands. After developing a taste for his dream, he relocated to Charleston, South Carolina to be near the ocean and take some time away from the city to reassess his direction. While working random day jobs, he continued to develop his skills, writing furiously and beginning to perform live. With an aching for the tides of the Pacific, Brian moved back to LA with no job and no where to live, but with a refined, and unique sound and ambition in tow...

A vocalist and guitar player, with influences such as The Doors and Gordon Lightfoot, singles off his first two EPs (2003, 2006) picked up major market FM radio play and can be heard spinning in Hollywood's hottest clubs. His five new singles released in late 2011 have already sold over 1,500 copies and are getting regular spins on internet radio, already totaling more than 50,000 plays in only a few months!, including "Rearview Mirror Day" being selected as the Song of the Day for 102.5x FM.

His songwriting garnered worldwide attention when his song "The Way She Smiles" was selected to be performed in full orchestral rendition at the world renown Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. When not in the studio, he's on the road playing shows, being invited to share the stage with various acts, such as blues legend Jimmy Vaughan at a sold out Antone's in Austin, TX.

Brian's first book of poetry, 'Hate to Feel' has a 5-star rating at Barnes & Noble, and his next book, 'Tales of the Nevermind' will be out this Spring.

His plans for 2016 include tour stops throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK.



LOS ANGELES – Pop music lovers around the world are taking notice of Schenectady native, Brian Greenwood and his newly released single, Malibu You. The fun and addictive, radio-friendly hit is enjoying a surge of internet radio airplay worldwide, currently boasting over 250,000 spins and counting. Fans of Adele, Maroon 5, Rihanna, Jason Mraz, and Katy Perry are the most frequently overlapping according to charting reports. Malibu You is the latest of several original songs released that will make up his upcoming LP. He adds, “The song invites the listener into the developing scene – to touch the warm sand, smell the ocean, feel the movement, and be enveloped in the story of youthful and unabashed new love.” Produced by Greenwood and recorded and engineered by Marc Greene in Los Angeles, Malibu You features the contributions of notable world-class musicians including Bob Glaub (bass), Craig Stull (guitar), Kavin Hoo (keys), and David Raven (drums).

Born and raised in Niskayuna, Greenwood attended The Albany Academy before finishing high school on an island off the coast of Georgia, where he graduated to a Congressional appointment to attend the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, as his class Valedictorian and one of the most decorated athletes in Georgia state history. Flirting with the idea continuing in sports, he later decided to move West and continue his education, earning a law degree, while turning his attention to a budding interest in acting and music in Los Angeles. He was considered for lead roles in major blockbusters such as X-Men, and Tim Burton’s The Land of Oz Brian found himself more frequently with a guitar in his hands and began to slow




Copyright 2012 by Brian Greenwood.

Hello lonely
What you doing here tonight
I thought I’d sent you packing
And you left without a fight
Hello lovely
Why you looking oh so fine
Let the devil take tomorrow
Right now you’re mine

Will tonight be all we remember
Will forever fall as hard as Monday when it comes
Sometimes you know what you’ve got and then she’s gone, gone, gone
And all you’ve got left is a song

You showed me God in the backseat of a car
You had just turned 18 on that day, so you say
The tender touch of your lips
And the way you moved your hips
Took me by surprise and I have to say

Will tonight be all we remember
Will forever fall as hard as Monday when it comes
Sometimes you know what you’ve got and then she’s gone, gone, gone
And all you’ve got left is a song

It’s all that I could do, to say that I don’t love you
And it hurt me to know I had to lie
But the time wasn’t right and the years have stretched the miles
And the oceans between us couldn’t be farther wide

Well, is that night all that you remember
Did forever fall as hard as Monday when it came
Sometimes we know what we’ve got and then she’s gone, gone, gone
And all you’ve got left is a song
All we’ve got left is a song
All you’ve got left is a song


Shangri-La-Dee-Da - Upcoming Single (2/22)
Malibu You - Single 2012* - 300,000+ internet radio plays!
The Proposal - Single 2011 *radio
Rearview Mirror Day - Single - 2011 - Song of the Day, 102.5FM *radio
Scar #3 - Single - 2011 *radio
Bendy Feet - Single - 2011 *radio
Under The Covers - Single - 2011 *radio
Don't You Cry *radio
The Way She Smiles - Radio, Orchestra
The Other Side EP - 2006
Broken - Single - 2004* FM radio - major market
Release - Single - 2004* FM radio - major market

Named one of America's Greatest Poets - 2000.
'Hate to Feel', poetry collection published by Writer's Club Press 2002. 5- Star Rating at Barnes & Noble.

Set List

Set lists vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Sample set list

1. Malibu You
2. Shangri-La Dee Da
2. The Proposal
3. Never Say Goodbye
4. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
5. Rearview Mirror Day
6. Take a Breath
7. I've Seen the Light
8. Bendy Feet
9. All You've Got Left Is a Song
10. Never Enuf
11. Scar #3
12. Under the Covers
13. Release
14. Summer Has Come
15. The Last Place That Love Lives