Brian Grosz

Brian Grosz


Combining the ramshackle snarl of Tom Waits with the methadone nod of Mark Lanegan and the blackened storm clouds of P.J. Harvey, Grosz steeps his songs of masochistic passion in a tumbler of whiskey and stirs it with a chipped straight razor.


"Tom Waits + Nine Inch Nails + a BAD attitude = one cool ass, mutha f*cking CD!"
--Dee Snider in regards to Bedlam Nights--

"Welcome to the dark side of the singer/songwriter mantra... The long awaited doom laden tunesmith approach that harkens the mysterious & haunting mood driven atmosphere... Any way you look at it, Brian Grosz shows profound artistry with Bedlam Nights, sparking intrigue with his distinct musical showmanship."
--Tommy Hash,

It's a voice you've heard before but probably didn't realize it at the time... and even if you heard it then, you wouldn't recognize it now.

For close to a decade, BRIAN GROSZ has put a smile on his lips and a sparkle in his voice to record radio and television voiceovers for fast food, nature documentaries, german automobiles, central air-conditioning, latex condoms and one of the nation's largest banks - a far cry from the whiskey-soaked and smoke-ravaged wailing one hears over his derelict songs of personal torment and crippled romance.

Never one to dismiss his gemini duality, when Grosz hasn't been performing with Brooklyn's blistering post-hardcore trio, DOGS OF WINTER, he's been patiently work-shedding softer and more introspective material over the last year in his cramped Fort Greene apartment. The results of his late night efforts have yielded a collection of work that's beautifully bare and delicate, almost as if the work might fall apart under the slightest modicum of pressure - if it weren't about to rattle itself loose in the first place; work that he's described as "bastard children set free in an imperfect world."

Somewhere there is a crossroads at which the work of Tom Waits, Mark Lanegan and Leonard Cohen meet; it's a junction that Grosz has called home, welcoming weary travelers with a click of his Zippo and a pull from his bottle of rag-water.

These are songs about the imperfections of passion; murder ballads and dark hallways filled with the lingering, metallic scent of ill-fated liasons. Bastard children indeed, but ones hell-bent to continue their path into the twilight rather than scour the fleeting history of the dawn.


Lady on the Low

Written By: Brian Grosz

UK surf on an old casette
vinyl paradise on the backseat, heaven-sent
oldsmobile nights, big city dreams
and lukewarm kerosene

hold your cigarette out the window
otherwise her mother is bound to know
we lifted the car, crossed state lines
they say that these are the best times

oh - she's the lady on the low

100 percent of my teenage love
with nowhere to go but the songs on the radio
unbroken hearts, vagrant souls
just waiting for a better road to follow

three on the bench but move in close
kiss her when, kiss her when the top light glows
kill the headlights when you get home
kiss her when, kiss her when the top light glows

oh - she's the lady on the low

kiss her when, kiss her when the top light glows

oh - she's the lady on the low


"Bedlam Nights" - debut LP available June 2007 on Exotic Recordings.

Set List

Typical set runs 45 minutes long, featuring both original compositions, folk/blues standards and acoustic re-interpretations of 80s pop and heavy metal hits.