Brian Guay

Brian Guay


I am a guitar player and songwriter, my style can sort of be described as alternative/metal. I have been in two bands in which I wrote many songs, and now I am looking for musicians to work with creating my own original songs and playing in my own style.


I am 21 years old, I was in two bands before, one hard rock, and one metal. My style falls in between these two bands, which is why I have decided to quit and go on my own. Some of my influences have been: Alice in Chains, Metallica, Dream Theater, Rush, Primus, Tool, Meshuggah, but there are many more artists that I have gotten inspiration from, and I keep searching for new ones. I am inspired by anything original and unique sounding. I am looking for other musicians to play bass, play drums, and sing, but right now I have started making original music on my own for the first time. I want to start a band musicians that are not afraid to try different things, that I can relate to, and that connect so we can naturally entertain, without having to even worry about whether we look good on stage. I am a modest person, and open minded, and would be willing to work with anyone as long as they can be those two things also.


I have one mp3 that I will be putting on here soon.