Brian Hong

Brian Hong


Ever hear great recorded music and then be truly disappointed when you actually see the artist live? Yeah, not in this case.


A 18-year-old senior at Bayside High School in Bayside, Queens, Brian Hong is today’s next breakout artist who possesses true artistry and originality. As an unprecedented South Korean artist signed by the independent label, FRNTSeat Group, Brian paves the path for Asian-Americans to have a place within today’s world of popular music – demonstrating that Asians can be talented in areas beyond just engineering and medicine. In doing so, Brian is achieving for the Asian music community that of which Shakira, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin accomplished for the Latin music community in the late 90s and early new millennium. Combining an acoustic style with a voice that echoes the vocal flair of such popular American artists as Jason Mraz, Michael Bublé and Jack Johnson, his songs promote positive messages among fans – providing uplifting, catchy songs that everyone can relate to in some way, shape and form.

Brian is self-taught and writes his own lyrics and music, with a catalog of more than 30 self-written songs to date, many of which are sparked upon impulse and composed in as little as 20 minutes. In addition to his original music, Brian also performs a repertoire of cover songs, but re-arranges them in a manner that offers an acoustic spin on the song, delivering a fresh vibe and new dimension, as in the case of such bubble-gum pop dance hits as Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

Since taking an interest in music and singing at the early of two while listening to Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, Brian has participated in various shows and music contests. He performed at the Korean harvest festival, Chusook and scored first place in the Queens Legislative District 19 Got Talent competition. He also played at University of Pennsylvania's "SPRING FLING" where he rocked a crowd of over 6,000 college students.

Recording and production of Brian’s much anticipated LP is underway, hosted by FRNTSeat Group.



Written By: Brian Hong

Baby I'll form as a big silent storm
I'll sweep you off your feet
take you from the norm

I know that you're bored,
we're all out the door
and the quality that we're in is so poor.

Step back and shake
I'll resuscitate
I'll breathe life back to you
how you do the same

When it begins
When it just ends
When it all doesn't feel so old
Where we just strive
Where it all dies
Where the warm air meets the cold

'Scuse me Madaam
May I please have this dance?
Cause all of this time is
slipping through these hands.
Know what you want?
You sit there and taunt
cuz the only thing you know how to do
is flaunt.

When it begins
When it just ends
When it all doesn't feel so old
Where we just strive
Where it all dies
Where the warm air meets the cold


Written By: Brian Hong

Keep on track now
Keep on track now
Don't forget your
Forget your past now
Try so hard now
Try so hard now
Cuz I want it all to fall into place

Keep your prayers
Seek your vision
Don't forget the life we live in
Wash and rinse now
Cleanse your soul now
Cuz nothing will ever fall into place

It's about the seams we break
It's about the dreams we make
And don't make these things fall
Into place


Where's it gone to
Your hands, your mind too
You forgot the things
That you once held true
Take a second, make a real plan
A fleeting moment is your lifespan
No matter what it takes
No matter what it takes
I'll make it fall into place


Written By: Brian Hong

So what if I love you?
You talk like it's such a crime
And you act like
You never, ever mine

So what if I need you?
When did masks take place
What they were really, really behind

And what did I tell you?
Don't you caught up with those signs
Cause you'll lose track
Of all your time

And you'll run, run, run around
But I'll chase, chase, chase you down

So what if I love you?
It's simply cause you let it slip by
So what if I need you?
When we kiss, it gets me high
And what did I tell you?
Don't get tangled within those ties
You said you'd come along for the ride
I got dragged underneath your tide

And you'll run, run, run around
But I'll chase, chase, chase you down

And you'll run, run, run around
But I'll chase, chase, chase you down


Written By: Brian Hong

And what you got you explain
You deserve not, but you've attained
So much you can't let go of
Where you've come from
And what you've done
And how your burden weighs a ton
And how your river has run high and dry

And all you've got is memories
Dubs of nostalgia to please
Cause nothing will put the mind at ease
And now this what I'll believe

Won't you just

And you hope and you trust with your heart
That the ground you're standing on won't fall apart
As you did at the start and you opened eyes that we knew nothing of this place called life
But the cold of maturity closed your eyes, shut your mouth and left you to just die inside
We broke free to know

We only have


Brian Hong - The Bootleg EP, 2009.

Brian Hong - Parachute, 2010
Brian Hong - Musing, 2009



FRNTSeat Group-

Set List

What I Got (Cover) - Sublime
Sure Thing (Cover) - Miguel
Musing - Brian Hong
Fireflies (Cover) - Owl City
Run - Brian Hong
Down (Cover) - Jay Sean
I'm Yours (Cover) - Jason Mraz
Come Together (Cover) - The Beatles
Santeria (Cover) - Sublime
Parachute - Brian Hong
Hope - Brian Hong
Buy You a Drink (Cover) - T-Pain
Puzzle - Brian Hong
Toxic (Cover) - Britney Spears
Untitled - Brian Hong