Brian Houser

Brian Houser

 Denton, Texas, USA

Brian Houser plays Texas country originals with lyrics that reflect his workingman roots as well as an unusual mixed set of rock, bluegrass and country that represents the eclectic musical tastes that cross generations.


Brian Houser was born in St. Louis, Missouri. But, his roots grew deep in the country as he was raised in the rural Missouri countryside, just south of the city near the town of Antonia. The youngest of four children born to Brant and Jane, Brian grew up in a small house that his parents built with their own hands.

Brant and Jane Houser were both actively interested in music and always had a wealth of instruments around the house while the children were growing up. This opportunity for musical exploration, combined with the musical interests of his older brother Doug, were to be the seeds that later would germinate into a musical career for Brian. In 1975, Doug took Brian to a Kris Kristofferson concert. This event was a turning point musically for Brian as he finally found a form of country music that spoke openly, honestly, and artistically about life and living. This would open the door to other legendary favorites, most notably Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash.

A carpenter by trade, music has always been a form of release and celebration for Brian. Usually every performance has been preceded by a forty-hour workweek and singing from a working man’s perspective fits his core belief that country music should be a true reflection of common people and their simple lives. In 1998, Brian Houser released his first CD, the critically acclaimed “Never Look Back.“ It was produced at the demand of his loyal followers in his hometown of Denton, Texas and documents his emotions of a failed 10- year marriage. The attention garnished by this work led to performances with Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert Keen and, most notably Brian’s musical hero, Willie Nelson.

For the second CD, “Son of a Common Man”, Brian was able to secure the legendary Lloyd Maines to not only produce the CD but also to play pedal steel and a wide assortment of other musical instruments. “Son of a Common Man,” with its tribute song to Brant Houser, received great reviews for the quality of the songwriting and the production.

The Houser/Maines combination is currently being repeated on the third CD, “Simple Lives.” Like his previous work, these original songs reflect his long-standing Texas heritage and his connection with the common man that has been the foundation of country music for generations. “Simple Lives” was released in November 2004 on the Yippee Records label.


One More, One Last Beer

Written By: Brian Houser

Don’t pull that chain on the sign that hangs in the window,
Don’t even think about closing down this bar.
I’ll pull you up a chair, you can sit with my friends here
And we’ll have one more, one more one last beer.

I know it’s a long shift you’ve been working.
I know it’s late at night and you want us to leave,
But me and my friends ain’t quite done drinking,
So could you do one last thing for me?

Hey waitress this bottle’s just about empty,
And you know you can’t dance with just one boot on.
A little hair of the dog that bit me,
And I’ll be moving on.

So don’t pull that chain on the sign that hangs in the window,
Don’t even think about closing down this bar.
I’ll pull you up a chair, you can sit with my friends here,
While we have one more, one more one last beer.

Bring one more because mine’s just about empty,
Bring one more for each of my friends sitting here.
You’ve done a good job it’s true,
Why don’t you bring one more for you,
One more, one more one last beer.

Go ahead and pull that chain on the sign that hangs in the window,
I’ll even help you lock up that door,
Then we’ll pull you up a chair, you can sit with my friends here,
And we’ll have one more, one more one more last beer.

Simple Tragedies

Written By: Brian Houser

Seems like a lot of friends have come and gone.
Seems like some lonely ghosts can’t find their way home.
Seems like the good times now don’t shine so bright.
Seems like yesterday every day was Saturday night.

So give me one more to fight this feeling like I’m getting old.
Give me one more for the stories now that can’t be told.
One more for you boy, one more for me.
Simple folks, simple lives, simple tragedies.

Wasn’t it just the other day when worries were few?
Wasn’t it only yesterday when we didn’t have nothing to lose?
Memories keep stacking up on the shoulders of a man
Until they all come crashing down on him like water over the dam.

Jody Why

Written By: Brian Houser

Jody left in August for September.
Left her loving family far away.
Mom and Dad still can remember
The little girl that went to school that day.

Oh Jody why, did you do your folks so wrong?
Oh Jody why, they had your life planned all along.

Daddy saw a doctor or a lawyer,
All your Mama wanted was good grades.
You could of stayed at home and studied
Or just gone to church.
Either way you would have had it made.


You ditched that rich boyfriend you had in high school.
Girl you must have gone crazy can’t you see.
You’ve got every boy in town following you around.
You’re living just like you want to be.


A girl becomes a woman sometimes a little too soon,
Staying out until four a.m. and sleeping until noon.
There’s plenty of time to turn around, buckle down and change your wild ways.

Someday you’ll look back upon your pleasure,
You’ll think about the good time come and gone.
Jody this is your time forever
Please don’t stop…carry on.


Joy's Valentine

Written By: Brian Houser

If I write for you a song
To tell you that I love you.
Could I keep it for my own
And sing it just for you?
Because in spite of all the wrongs
I know that have befell you
I’d like to sing it for you alone
And prove my love is true.

The first time that we met
It was hard to tell what fate had sent
And you’d touch me in a way
That I had never known.
When you walked into the room
I could tell that you were different.
The sunlight from your smile
Cast shadows on my soul.

If I never spoke at all
Would my words still reach you?
The feeling is so strong
You’d surely have to know.
If I watched you from afar
Could you feel my eyes upon you?
Like hands around your heart,
Like shadows on your soul.

Like hands around your heart,
Like shadows on your soul.


Never Look Back - 1998
1. River Run Dry
2. Long Lost Woman
3. Someone Like You
4. Santa Fe Trail
5. Harvest
6. To Hold On To You
7. The Dog Is Mine
8. Eyes of a Stranger
9. Roll Along
10. Tryin' Hard
11. Rose Garden
12. Makin' Me Blue

Son of a Common Man - 2001
1. Son of a Common Man
2. County Line Road
3. Something You've Got
4. Song of the Workingman
5. Never Look Back
6. Stranger in This Town
7. Cryin' Again
8. Flying Machine
9. See Your Soul
10. Shipwrecked
11. The Gospel Song
12. Last of the Outlaws

Simple Lives - 2004
1. Born & Bound to the Road
2. Jody Why
3. I'll Take Texas Every Time
4. Simple Tragedies
5. Sally Bowman
6. One More, One Last Beer
7. Tex and Dymple
8. Standing Strong
9. Cowboy Song
10. Lonesome Old Freight Train
11. A Little Ahead
12. Joy's Valentine

Set List

Set list covers up to 4 hours of songs which includes originals as well as:
Outlaw Country such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe
Texas Country such as Robert Earl Keen
Wide mix of rock classics from Tom Petty, Steve Miller, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Thin Lizzy and more