Brian Huber

Brian Huber


Sounds like Ben Folds if he played the guitar, The Smiths without the pretension of Morrissey, and the storytelling charm and comedic wit of an early John Mayer.


There's something very liberating about recording a song in your boxers. That's one perk I enjoyed recording my new album, "Imagination of Ourselves." My latest effort is a collection of songs blending humor, introspection, melancholy, and optimism, set to an organic Britpop feel, without the pretense. These songs invite you to listen.

Liberation is one of the central themes that run through the album, whether it's the tongue-in-cheek humor of "Snuggies" and "Shipwrecked (Part 1 and 2)" or the meditative "Talk Without a Word" and "Reverie."

This album evolved from my desire to accomplish something I've been putting off for way too long. I guess you could say that life got in the way and imagining myself accomplish this goal compelled me to do it. I had to record this album.

I made a couple of decisions early on that would steer its creation: I wanted to produce it in my apartment and not in a studio while the clock was ominously ticking; and I wanted to be as self-reliant as possible in recording it so that it's an accurate reflection of who I am as a person.

The songs run the gamut of emotions: the sadness of someone leaving, the humdrum routine of an office job, losing a big hand in poker, the beauty of the world around us, and the most important thing in life, other people, since happiness is only real when shared.

Without being melodramatic, this album is the culmination all of the joy, frustration, accomplishments, setbacks, victories, and defeats I've experienced in the 13 years I've been making music. It's a long-overdue project and I can't wait to make it real by sharing it with you.



Written By: Brian Huber

I woke up this morning to the sound of a seagull or two
Cracked open a coconut to make breakfast for me and you
Kissed you awake, as you wiped the sand from your tired eyes
We held each other and we felt alright as we watched the sun rise

We’re shipwrecked, but we’re not feelin’ blue
We’re shipwrecked, as long as I’m with you
We’re shipwrecked, with what we got we’ll make do
We’re shipwrecked

I made repairs to the bamboo hut that we built to keep us warm at night
You’re down at the lagoon hoping that a fish or two will bite
We meet in the late afternoon and gather what we can from the ship
We finish up our chores and get naked and uhh ha ha ha take a dip


I don’t miss the rest of the world one bit
Time doesn’t matter at all for us
I don’t need to be rescued as long as I’m with you

We finish dinner as the sky goes dark and we’re sitting by the glowing fire
I tell my baby that I’m all worn out and I’m really feelin’ kinda tired
She gives me this romantic look as the fire begins to fade
And gently whispers in my ear, "hey boy, I think you’re gonna get laid.”


Brush Your Teeth

Written By: Brian Huber

When you've been playing outside all day
And parents call you back to come inside
You ask what's to eat for dessert
And see a big tray of ice cream and pie
You didn't think you had room but you did
Now you gobbled up the sweets and it was good
I sent this message out to every kid
I hope you follow it like you should

Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Don't just wet your toothbrush
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Don't forget to floss too

Grab yourself a toothbrush and toothpaste
A minty fresh flavor will do just fine
Take your time it's not a race
Brush them twice a day for two minute's time
Use circular motions to get the plaque out
So you don't get cavities that make you hurt
Visit your friendly dentist every six months
So you can sing this song at the next concert


Three little words from this song (brush your teeth)
Are all you need from now on (brush your teeth)
Pass it to your friends in between (brush your teeth)
Who could use some helpful hints on dental hygiene (brush your teeth



Written By: Brian Huber

Snuggies are an anomaly, a puzzle wrapped inside a mystery
Just a blanket but with two arm holes, throw it on it'll warm your soul

I know it’s just as much a shock to me
Awhile back I wore my snuggie while tanning at the beach

Snuggie snuggie, you’re more than a blanket to me
You give me access to my arms in ways I could never have dreamed
Snuggie, snuggie, just ignore those who don't believe, you're a thermal revolution, a thermal revolution, you're a mutha-snuggin thermal revolution with sleeves

I wear my snuggie everywhere I go
to get some gas or a cappucino
Running to the ATM machine or get a new release DVD

Hold on don’t tell me I know what you’re thinking
I bear a striking resemblance to Gandolf from Lord of the Rings

Snuggie snuggie, you’re more than a blanket to me
It's unprecedented access to my arms in ways I could never have dreamed
Snuggie, snuggie, just ignore those who don't believe,
I may look like a wizard but I'll be warm in a blizzard
You're a mutha-snuggin thermal revolution with sleeves

Cuz it's the S-N-U-G-G-I-E
I don't really care what you say about me
S-N-U-G-G-I-E, nothin's gonna get between my snuggie and me

I must have missed the memo about public nudity
Cuz I only where my snuggie with nothing underneath

Snuggie snuggie, you’re more than a blanket to me
It's unprecedented access to my arms in ways I could never have dreamed
Snuggie, snuggie, just ignore those who don't believe,
I may look like a moron, but I warn you I have no drawers on
You're a mutha-snuggin thermal revolution with sleeves

Life Is a Song

Written By: Brian Huber

I recall a time in my younger days, Content in a drunken haze
We were a momentary journey
I know what’s in store for me

At dawn, I saw your satellite pass into morning view
Tonight I hope it comes back through
You seem to wander in and out of a state of grace
You touched me and didn’t leave a trace

I hope this song, it breaks your heart, how does it feel
The cracks appear in your façade
There’s nothing wrong, just let the tears run down

This life is like a song
It’s oh so bittersweet and it doesn’t last long
And it don’t mean a damn to me, unless you like it out as loud as you can
Life is like a song

You said you’ve never seen that look on my face since you’ve known me
But when you did, you knew how many
You swore you thought that I’d gone missing before you found me
In my mind, you were lost to me

I hope this song, it breaks your heart, how does it feel
I’m gonna steal your pride away
Keep moving still, just let the tears run down


I broke into a smile
Somewhere deep inside
To see my spirit shine,
see it shine so bright, let it shine so bright

I wish for simpler times when love was so much more
Let’s look to each other to find out what it’s all for

Even though I always knew you lied, I don’t ever wanna say goodbye

You chased me down and you started to cry and you asked me why

As February comes to a close, since last year, we were barely close
You still saw through me like I was a ghost

I feel so bored and restless, but you swore as God is your witness
That you wouldn’t let this day pass us by but you did


Written By: Brian Huber

I lay awake and wonder what really lies beyond this slumber
when time begins to count, time begins to count.

Heaven is my tapestry, and the stars can only wink at me
as the questions only mount, questions only mount.

Let’s leave this world behind, spread out against the velvet sky
I need some peace of mind to keep me sane

Take me to paradise, give in to all the vicious nights
Look into space and time with no regrets

In a sea of disillusion, I try to draw my own conclusion
And I just can’t figure it out,
I just can’t figure it out

The waves crash, the land is far, and then my will is torn apart
But the moon breaks through the clouds, the moon breaks through the clouds



I slowly fall asleep at the place where earth and heaven meet
it’s hidden inside of your mind, locked inside of your mind

I kiss the setting moon for the dawn is coming oh so soon
it’s been there all the time,
it’s been there all the time.



Brian Huber - Imagination of Ourselves (2010)
Lucky Day - Rise & Fall (2008)
Lucky Day - All My Rainy Days (2006)

Set List

I play out of town gigs solo acoustic. I can play local gigs as a full band or solo acoustic. My setlist consists of mostly originals and a few covers thrown in from various time periods:
Michael Jackson - Human Nature
Jack's Mannequinn - The Mix Tape
Life on a Chain - Pete Yorn
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark
Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears
The Killers - When You Were Young
Matt Nathanson - Come On Get Higher
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want