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The best kept secret in music


"Brian Jones Craving Something More"

Brian Jones
Craving Something More
Story and Photos by Sophia Dedon

Piano pop-rock artist Brian Jones is passionately pursuing his love for music, combining it with his love for God. Many artists want their music to influence people’s lives, but Brian dreams that his music may completely alter people’s lives as he brings the message of hope that Jesus delivers. At age 27, Brian has been married for almost 8 years and has three children. Rather than his family life halting his career, it fuels his ability to write music and share real life experiences with his audiences. Recently, Brian has launched his brand new CD, Something More. He was nominated by for Male Vocalist of the Year and Rock Artist of the Year. He will be traveling to Nashville, TN in March to showcase at the CIA Summit and be a part of the Momentum awards show.

Pure: Tell us a little about your background.

Brian: I was born in Utica, NY but moved to Florida when I was three because my parents divorced. I started playing music at age 14 when my step-dad taught me guitar. I was in a band in high school; we played in a lot of bars and clubs. My step-dad also introduced me to church. For years I went, but not because I wanted to. I met my wife, Sheila, in high school, and I know that one of the reasons God brought her into my life was to find Him. I was saved at 18 and that really changed what I was playing for. I learned to play piano because I wanted to write a song for my wife on our wedding day. Since I’ve learned to play, my music now has a piano pop-rock sound. My biggest musical influences are probably Keith Green, Ben Folds and Mark Shultz (but more edgy).

Pure: What is it like to see you at one of your shows?

Brian: I like to go all out. I always play like it’s my last opportunity. When playing, I talk about things not usually talked about in church. I don’t like to play it safe. I always think to myself, “If this is my only chance, what do I need to say about Christ to these people?”

Pure: Where do you want to see your music take you?

Brian: I want to see my music take me all over the world. Through my church, South Brandon Worship Center, I have been able to be exposed to foreign missions, and I really have a heart to bridge the gap. I want my music to affect people. If someone buys one of my CD’s, I want them to know that part of that money is also going to help an orphan in a third world country. I feel a real burden to help people with my music.

Pure: What is the message behind your music?

Brian: Many Christians today are trying to get so mainstream with their music that I feel Jesus is being watered down. When I play, I pray God will give me an uncompromised message. I think it is important to be firm in our message, not afraid to tell the truth. Let His message be what draws people in. When we water down Jesus, we take away his power to impact people. People want to believe in something real. They want to see supernatural things. We need to let Jesus be what draws them in.

Pure: What are you doing with your music now?

Brian: Well, in the past I have played in a few Christian bands including My Rocket Heart and JoAsh. I’ve done over 300 shows in the last five years. Last year I moved to being a solo artist. I am now trying to make my family more a part of my music. I pray God blesses us with the ability to help people with their needs. A lot of the ways I want to go about my ministry are modeled after Keith Green...a completely uncompromised message. I want to bridge the gap between being an artist and being a minister.

Pure: How would you describe yourself to others?

Brian: I am a very focused person. When I want to do something, I am quick to act and quick to move. [Laughing...] They say I am like an otter. I’m just a big goofball. Most of the time, I forget to think about things. My live performances are always unpredictable. I just do whatever God places on my heart for that show. I don’t feel it necessary to look polished and scripted. I don’t need to know everything that is going to happen each day. I always have a completely raw, heartfelt performance. I tell God, “I’m just the pencil, you’re the writer.”

Pure: What message would you like to leave with those reading this interview:

Brian: Most of the people I talk to all say the same thing. “I went to church once before. It was just a nice service and then they collected money.” I want those type of people to come to one of my shows because they will see something raw, honest, and certainly not fake. You are going to see God use his power to do something. People who don’t know God are looking for something they’ve never seen before. Too often they see a different image of church. I want them to realize that as a Christian, I go through the same struggles everyday that you do. Let’s talk more about what Jesus did in my life and can do in yours.

I want people to see what I am doing musicall - Pure Magazine, Tampa FL.

"Brian Jones reviewed on Beta Monkey"

Brian sent in this song the other day and we were floored at the flat-out hook power of the tune. It just grabs you with a powerful mix of rhythm, instrumentation, and pop sensibility. What makes it stand out is a mystery like any great pop tune - it is good because it sounds good. End of story.

Brian attached a quick note of praise to explain things for his side of the song so be sure to read the Behind the Song information. - Christian Donlon


Brian Jones "Something More" LP
12 tracks of pop rock glory
Available for purchase or download at
Soon to be released on Itunes


Feeling a bit camera shy


Piano Pop Rock Truth..... Brian Jones delivers a unique combination of piano driven catchy melodies and raw uncompromising lyrics. Being compared to artists like Mark Schultz, Keith Green, and Billy Joel, Brian offers up a breath of fresh air to the Christian music industry.

At the age of 18, Brian dedicated his life and musical gifts to Jesus Christ. Since then he has been the head of two bands, JoAsh and then My Rocket Heart, who have played for numerous youth groups and events around the Southern United States. He has also had the opportunity to open for various well-known national Christian artists such as Barlow Girl, Sonicflood, Nate Sallie, Superchick, and Derek Webb among others.

Brian launched his solo career in 2006 with the release of his debut album "Something More" , to much anticipation and great review. As an Independent Christian artist, Brian has been nominated for 2 awards at; Male Vocal of the Year and Rock Artist of the Year.

In addition to the great response via the internet, Brian has also received radio airplay on many major Christian radio stations and podcasts including; Spirit FM, The Joy FM, Pure Radio AM, Build The Church, and many others.

With a constant balance of recording and touring, Brian is able to release new albums yearly, and reach the masses with his dynamic and inspired performances. A passionate message of Jesus Christ is the focus of Brian's music and something to get excited about.


Hometown and Church
Tampa, FL
Active member of South Brandon Worship Center

Brian Jones "Something More" LP
12 tracks of piano pop rock truth
Available for purchase or download at and Itunes (Summer 07’)